Baby Shower Games to Play at a Restaurant

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Put highlighters on each table so guests can mark their Bingo squares.

When throwing a baby shower, you may want to plan some games to play to break the ice and get guests talking to one another. If you are hosting the baby shower at a restaurant, there are plenty of games you can play without guests even leaving their seats. Group people together at tables with other people you think they'll have something in common with, and let the games begin.



Many women create a registry of desired gifts that guests can choose from. If the mom-to-be is registered somewhere, print the registry, and make Bingo cards, writing the name of a desired gift in each square. Make all of the cards different. As the mom opens gifts, guests can mark off items from their cards. Five squares in a row makes Bingo.


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Make a Baby

Place a few Play Doh containers on each table. Explain to the guests that they each must "make a baby," resembling what they think the new baby will look like. After the guests have created their Play Doh babies, the mom-to-be picks the ones she likes best, and the creator is the winner.


The Clothespin Game

In this game, the only rule is that you can't say baby. Each guest gets a clothespin to attach to her shirt upon arrival. If another guest hears her say baby, she has to hand over her clothespin. The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the shower is the winner.


Measure Mommy

Have a few balls of yarn that you can pass around from table to table. Allow each guest to cut off a length of yarn that she believes would be enough to go around mom's baby belly. Then wrap each piece around her until you find a winner. The winner's yarn must measure mom's tummy either exactly, or be the closest without being too large.


Guess the Baby Food

Put numbered, unlabeled baby food jars at each table, along with plastic spoons and paper and pencils. Brave guests can try each food, and write their guess, along with the corresponding number on their notepad. Provide prizes for guests that guessed them all correctly.


Other Guessing Games

Guessing games are popular at showers held in restaurant. Fill a baby bottle with M&M's and have guests guess how many are in the bottle. Have guests guess the sex, weight, and birthday of the baby. The winner will be notified after the baby is born. Place baby items in a bag and pass them around, having guests feel the item without looking at it. The first person to guess each item is the winner.


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