Reunion Name Tag Ideas

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Reunions offer graduates a chance to get reacquainted with old friends and share a bit about the different roads you have taken since your high school or college days. If you are in charge of name tag duties, injecting a little creative fun into the tags turns an otherwise dull necessity into a dynamic icebreaker.


Yearbook Photo Fun

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Take out your school's yearbook and select photos of classmates to use on name tags. Create a copy of the photos from your yearbook using a scanner, and print out the photos in sheets on quality photo stock paper. You might not necessarily wish to use class photos exclusively. For example, you might choose a photo of a classmate dressed in a Halloween costume or at a sporting event. A photo from yesteryear can be a marvelous way to help classmates reconnect and even have a laugh or two together about the past.

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Loosen Up With Tag Lines

It might take a bit of time to research information on each individual from your class, but it is a excellent way to add something personal about each person attending the reunion. A tag line can also serve as an ice breaker for attendees. A tag line can come from a mention in the school paper or more often from a yearbook. If you run into a obstacle trying to find a line to use, contact classmates who were closer to the person in question for advice.


Consider using an image that directly relates to your school. This can be an image from a big game between your school's football team and its historic rival or other event. A school-related design can be an image of your school's mascot, be it photo or cartoon, or a picture of your school itself. Use a graphics program to create the background of your choice. Use the layer opacity feature in a program such as Photoshop to make the image appear to fade into the card background.



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