Party Games for Women in India

Consider the age group of your guests when planning an Indian party.

When planning a party for any group of women, take into consideration the number of guests and their ages. A game that may be appropriate for middle-aged women might not work with younger women. To emphasize the Indian theme, use bright, vibrant colors to create a feeling of energy and a mood of excitement. Make sure you have some relaxing games and well as some that will get your guests moving and talking.


The game of chess originated in India.

The game of chess originated in India and is now one of the most frequently played board games of all time. Since the original rules require only two players, you may want to set up several games at once or divide your guests into two teams and have them rotate taking turns. One guest makes a move, and then the next member of her team makes the next move. You can also combine the game Musical Chairs with chess. Set the chess tables in a circle and play music. Guests rotate around the inner circle or the outer circle, and when they music stops, they take a seat and play chess until the music begins again.

Snake Charming

You can have guests compete in a snake charming contest.

Snake charming is a custom associated with India, and you can have your guests have a snake charming contest. No need to bring in a real snake; simply inform your guests that they each need to come up with a song, poem or dance that could be used to charm or enchant a snake. Give your guests a time limit, and when it is up, have each of them perform their charms, then let all your guests vote on who the best snake charmer was.


Marbles is a traditional Indian game.

The game of Marbles is another customary Indian game that can be improvised for a women's party. The goal of a game of marbles is to win all your opponent's marbles. Before your guests arrive, decide on a code word or phrase such as "sari" or "yellow" or "nice day." Give each of your guests a marble and tell her the code word or phrase. As the party progresses, if one guest says the word or phrase and is caught by another guest, that guest gets her marble. At the end of the party, the guest with the most marbles wins.

Colored Water Toss

During the Holi festival, people throw colored water in celebration.

There is a festival in India call Holi, a festival of colors in which people throw colored water at each other in celebration. To mimic this custom, fill a few drinking glasses with different colors of water and place them outside of the room where your guests are enjoying themselves. A guest takes a thimble and goes out of the room and fills it with one of the colored waters. She comes back in and circles the guests, asking each in turn what color she has chosen. As soon as a woman guesses the right color, the holder throws the few drops from the thimble on her, and then it is her turn to leave the room and fill the thimble with the color of her choice.