Polyester Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

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Dirt and soil can ruin your carpet if you don't clean it.

Polyester carpet is recognized for being inherently stain resistant, according to the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). But polyester carpet's permanent stain resistance isn't the only feature it possesses that aids with cleaning and maintenance; the polyester carpet also resists fading and abrasions and is recognized for its cleanability, making it an easy-care carpet for the home or office.



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Spot Stain Cleaning

Stains can happen even in carpets made with stain-resistant materials like polyester. Use white paper towels (no color designs) or a white, absorbent, dry cloth to immediately blot up any liquid spills. Don't scrub, or you could distort your carpet pile; blot instead, using new towels if needed, until the spot is thoroughly dry. If the stain is due to semi-solids, first use a spoon to gently scrape up the solid from your carpet. If the stain is the result of an actual solid, break up the solid then completely vacuum it up before attempting to clean the stain.


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Apply a small amount of commercial stain remover to a clean, dry cloth. Blot the stain gently with the chemical, then wait five minutes and check for colorfastness. If the chemical affects the carpet color, use a gentler product, like the white vinegar solution recommended by CRI (1 cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of water). After the stain is gone, soak a clean cloth with cold water and press it into the carpet to rinse. Completely blot the area dry. For stains resulting from known substances, access the CRI's spot removal computer database for specific removal instructions.


Regular Cleaning

Keeping your carpet clean requires regular vacuuming, immediate spot or stain removal, and annual deep cleaning. Vacuuming regularly removes dirt and debris before they become embedded in the carpet and damage your polyester fibers, according to CRI. Vacuum all areas in your home once a week, but vacuum more frequently in high-traffic areas.


Address spots or stains immediately to maintain your carpet's colorfastness and texture and to prevent odor. Deep cleaning your polyester carpet (also known as restorative cleaning) will remove all embedded soil before it can reduce the life of your carpet or its beauty. Rent a carpet deep cleaner from a hardware store, or contact a professional carpet cleaning company. CRI recommends hot extraction as an effective method of deep cleaning. Use any carpet cleaning product on the market that is safe for synthetic carpets (including Rug Doctor brands). Otherwise, professional cleaners will use their preferred brand.



Move furniture occasionally to counteract high-traffic patterns that begin to form. Use glides or cups on heavy furniture legs, and move the legs several inches in another direction every so often to prevent depressions or indentations in your carpet. Reduce direct sunlight exposure on your carpet to maintain color and prevent fading.



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