How to Remove Oil-based Paint From Carpeting

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Things You'll Need

  • Paint solvent

  • Dry cloth

  • Steam cleaner

  • Needle or pin

Paint stains cause stress.

Removing oil-based paint from carpeting is dependent upon a few factors, including, but not limited to: carpet material; condition of the stain; age of the stain; chemical composition of the oil-based paint and identification of solvents recommended for cleaning and thinning it.


Step 1

Removing wet oil-based paint:

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Removing a recently spilled stain of normal oil-based paint from nylon carpeting is most easily done by immediately daubing or blotting it with a paper towel or rag moistened with the recommended thinning agent for the paint. Do not rub!

Oil-based paints usually are thinned with mild solvents like mineral spirits, but always read the manufacturers' labels to be sure you have the recommended substance on hand. A number of stain removing products are available at home centers, and these may work quite well.

Step 2

Removing dry oil-based paint:


Use steam to softened the stain so it can be separated from the carpet fibers. A number of hand-held steam cleaners are capable of generating 285 degree steam, which should be hot enough to help soften dried oil-based paint. It should not be hot enough to damage carpet fibers, although you should use caution until you know for sure.


Step 3

Direct the steam into and on the paint, while you try to pick away at it with a needle or strong pin. You should be able to lift the softening paint from the carpeting without causing damage to the fibers or to the environment.


Caution must be practiced when attempting to remove tough stains using harsh and potentially hazardous substances. Always read and follow manufacturers' labels for safe use and handling of products, tools and equipment.

It is important to check what effects a substance might have on carpeting materials, prior to attempting actual stain removal to be sure no damage is caused by the cleaning process.

Be very careful around the hot steam.


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