Fun Gift Ideas for a Man's 45th Birthday

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A bike will bring back fun memories and make new ones.

Make your man's 45th birthday memorable by throwing him a bash and getting him a gift that he'll not only remember but will have fun with. The best gifts for guys tap into their active or intellectual side and will never sit unnoticed on a shelf.


45 Caliber Pistol

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According to "The Sight," a gun owner's website, the Colt .45 is one of the guns "favored by competitive shooters, FBI SWAT, FBI Hostage Rescue Team and many special forces units because it has the best trigger, outstanding accuracy and is very fast." If your guy is a collector or enjoys target practice, a 45-caliber pistol may be just the fun gift you are looking for, and will be especially apropos for this particular birthday. Get this gift only if he is already experienced with guns.

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A bicycle can be a fountain of youth for a guy hitting his middle years. Nothing takes a man back to his childhood faster than riding a bike down a hill as fast as he can go. If you think he'll be doing long distance road riding, go with a bike specifically designed for that—it'll have lots of gears for hills and thin tires for less resistance. Mountain bikes are a good choice for the type of guy who enjoys camping in remote places, as he'll be able to take his new bike with him and hit some trails. If he'll be using the bike for a commute, go with a hybrid that can handle varying conditions.


Fish Tank

A fish tank can provide hours of fun and relaxation and can make a 45th birthday special. Get one for your guy if he enjoys diving or likes marine biology. Purchase the accessories and give a gift certificate for the fish if you decide to give him this present, as the tank itself is the least expensive part of the entire setup. A freshwater tank is probably the way to go, as saltwater tanks are significantly more expensive and require considerably more knowledge and upkeep to prevent the fish from going belly up.


Concert Tickets

A concert put on by a band popular 25 years ago will take him back to his youth, while a concert by a newer artist that he enjoys will simply be enjoyable. Check to see if you can get seat number 45 when you are purchasing the tickets—as long as it's a good one. Check out or to find out who is playing when and where.



Turning 45 can be the impetus that many men need to try new things that they've always had a secret—or not so secret—hankering to do. What guy has watched the waves on a beach and not wondered what it would be like to surf them? If your man enjoys the water and is in good physical condition, surprise him with a surfboard. And yes, he will be surprised.



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