Female Pirate Costume Ideas

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Halloween and other costume parties are good opportunities to become someone else for the evening. For example, who hasn't imagined life as a pirate? While you may not be able to be a pirate captain or buccaneer traveling the high seas, that doesn't mean you can't play the part with a DIY Halloween costume.


Disney's ​Pirates of the Caribbean​ film series starring Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow brought pirates to life. You can draw from the character of Elizabeth Swann and the other pirates in the film for inspiration for your own DIY pirate costume. There are many other pirates, both real and fictional, whose styles you can use for inspiration when designing your female pirate costume, including William Kidd, the Dread Pirate Roberts and Captain Hook.


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You can adapt items from your wardrobe or find clothing at a thrift store if you need a last-minute costume. If you have more time, follow some tutorials and make an easy DIY women's pirate costume for your next Halloween party, costume party or cosplay event.

Pirate costume top

Many pirate costumes start with a white shirt. Ruffles add some texture and detail, but even a white T-shirt will work as a base for your pirate look with the right jacket and accessories. A black or leather vest also looks good with this costume.


Many female pirates in history, such as Anne Bonny, would dress as men to earn the respect of those they encountered, but you don't have to stay true to history for your pirate costume. Consider adding a more feminine twist and wearing a corset.

Pirate Halloween costume jacket and pants

Add a long pirate coat with metal buttons on the front and lower part of the sleeves to complete the look. Black, brown and red are good colors for your pirate costume, but feel free to get creative.


A corset dress with the right accessories can make a stunning pirate costume, but you can also opt for black pants. Pair them with tall leather pirate boots that come up to your knee.

Pirate hat ideas

A traditional pirate hat is always a good choice for a pirate costume, but don't limit yourself. A bandana, headscarf or wide headband also work well. The advantage of these options is that they won't hide your face and hair as much.


Homemade pirate costume accessories

Complete the look with some pirate accessories, such as an eye patch, a classic pirate accessory. You can don hoop earrings and a necklace if they work with your top.

Don't forget to cinch a belt around your waist and choose a pirate weapon. A pirate sword or a pistol are both good choices, and, of course, you need to add a scabbard or holster to hold your chosen weapon. To really have some fun, consider putting on a fake tattoo like the one that Jack Sparrow has and a pirate wig with beads.



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