Fun Slumber Party Games for Girls

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Have your makeup done by a blindfolded friend in "Blind Makeover."

Slumber parties are a great time for girls to get together and enjoy acting silly. When planning your party activities, choose games that incorporate things most girls love, such as makeup, jewelry and princesses. Play some of these fun and girlie slumber party games, which are sure to get the giggles in gear.


Blind Makeover

Supply the girls with a few inexpensive containers of lipstick, blush and eye shadow. Divide the girls into pairs. Each pair will take turns making up each other's face. The trick is that the person giving the makeover does it while blindfolded. Do not allow the use of mirrors until all makeovers have been complete. Once everyone's new look has been revealed, the girls can vote on topics such as "prettiest" or "funniest." Take pictures to preserve this funny memory.


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Forbidden Word

When each guest arrives, give her a string of beads. Place an equal amount of beads on each string and tie it so that beads may be easily removed. Once everyone is present and has a string of beads, announce that there is one word they cannot say during the party. Since it is a slumber party, try "sleep" as the taboo word, or "birthday" if it is a birthday celebration. During the course of the party, if one player catches another saying the forbidden word, the player who said the word must give one bead to the player who caught her. After a couple of hours, call the girls together to count their beads. The player who has collected the most is the winner.


Sleeping Beauty

Place a blanket or sleeping bag on the floor. Choose a player to be sleeping beauty. Have her lie down on the blanket and pretend to sleep. The rest of the girls try to make her laugh to "wake" her. They may try to wake her with jokes, singing or any kind of noises, but must not tickle her. If sleeping beauty manages to stay asleep for two minutes, she wins a prize. When she wakes up, she chooses who will be the next sleeping beauty. Play continues until each girl has had a turn at sleeping.


Glow Hunt

Purchase several glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces from a dollar or craft store. Hide them in various places around the room. Turn off the lights. Give the girls flashlights for assistance and be sure the floors are clear of items that might trip them. Set a timer. The girls have until the timer buzzes to hunt for the jewelry. They get to keep whatever they find. Have extras on hand in case there are players who don't find any of their own to keep.


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