Ideas for a Grilling Gift Basket

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Choose grilling gear for a gift basket.

A grilling gift basket is a good fit for nearly any occasion for the person who loves to cook outdoors. The gift idea works particularly well for Father's Day, birthdays and as a housewarming gift. Knowing what grilling gear the recipient already owns will help you select useful items for the basket. Also note the type of grill the recipient owns as some items differ for a gas versus a charcoal grill.



A basket works as the container for the gift, but you can also get more creative. Choose a useful container that relates to grilling for a stronger connection to the theme. Arrange the items on a large serving platter which the recipient can use to retrieve the grilled food. Choose a large metal container that the recipient can use as a beverage bucket when hosting a barbecue, or a large, wooden salad bowl to hold the grilling items. Another option is to use a plastic container that the recipient can use as a storage container for all of the grilling tools.


Grilling Utensils

Grilling utensils are the basic grilling supply that work well in a gift basket. A gift basket with the basic utensils is ideal for a new homeowner who doesn't have anything yet. You can also purchase higher end grilling utensils to replace the recipient's older, worn utensils. Items such as barbecue kabob skewers, turners and pokers fit under the utensil category.

Grill Accessories

You'll find a variety of other accessories in the grilling section of most stores. Look for things such as heat resistant gloves, a mounted grill light, a meat thermometer, a customized grilling apron or a personalized branding tool. You can order branding tools with initials or images on them. The recipient uses the brand to add her special touch to the meat she grills. These items aren't necessities, but they do make grilling easier. These accessories work well in addition to other grilling gear in the gift basket.


Sauces & Seasonings

For the grilling fanatic who has all of the basic tools and accessories, put cooking seasonings in the basket. Dry rubs and powdered seasonings are one option. Marinade mixes also work well. Include barbecue sauces in different flavors to round out a food-based gift.

Cooking items

Another option for the grilling gift basket is to include items that help with the actual cooking. Hickory chips are one such item. The hickory chips add a smoky flavor to the meats that are cooked on the grill. If the recipient has a charcoal grill, include a small bag of charcoal and a bottle of lighter fluid in the gift basket. A lighter with a long neck on it also works well for a charcoal grill. A grilling cookbook is another gift option to consider for the basket.