Pajama Party Games for Adult Women

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You could try a dance contest at your pajama party.

Adult pajama parties for women can be fun get-togethers to have with your girlfriends. They can be great for various celebrations, such as birthdays, bachelorette parties and baby showers. There are a variety of games and activities you can do.


Makeover Games

Makeover games can be a fun way to have some laughs and refresh your look. You can each pick a partner to make over, head to a beauty shop for supplies and have at it. Dye hair, do different makeup styles or just see who can make the other look the goofiest. In any case, you'll have some good conversation and a fresh look to boot.


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Dance Contest

A dance contest can provide more laughs with your friends. Throw on your pajamas and blast some old tunes. You can all vote on the dancer with the best moves, and you can even have a prize for the winner, such as a bottle of wine or cute new pajamas.


Truth or Dare

A game of truth or dare can make for a revealing and fun time. For a twist on this game, have each guest write down a dare and a truth question and throw them into a hat. Then each person can take her turn and draw either a dare or truth question. Ask embarrassing questions such as, what was your worst date? A dare could be prank calling an old boyfriend.


Treasure Hunt

An adult treasure hunt can also be an enjoyable challenge. Ask guests to bring cameras and then take various photos on your list, such as a picture with a cute guy or a tackily dressed woman. You'll have fun running around town in your pajamas and asking strangers to help you out.


Wine Tasting

Send an email to your friends asking them to each bring a different bottle of wine to the party. Update the emails to let everyone know who is bringing what, ensuring no two guests bring the same wine. Enjoy trying various types of wine during your party. You can even have guests vote on best and worst and hand out prizes accordingly.



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