Free Christmas Games for Parties

Enjoying a Christmas party

Playing free games at a Christmas party is an affordable way to have fun and add structure and direction to your party. Games help people feel comfortable, break down communication barriers and will entertain your guests. Free Christmas games can make your next Christmas party a success without spending a lot of money. It will take some creativity and planning but will be well worth it in the end.

Christmas Autograph

Create a sheet of paper with a list of 15 to 20 different activities that relate to Christmas. For example, "sing Jingle Bells backwards," "name all of Santa's reindeer," and "give me the best Santa laugh you can." Make enough copies of the list so each guest is provided one. Hand out the papers to the guests folded in half so no one can see the list. Explain that each person is being given an identical list of activities that they will have to find someone in the room to perform. Once they find a person that performs the activity, that person signs on their name next to the activity. The first person to successfully fill their autograph sheet is the winner.

Christmas Bingo

Create your own bingo cards using Christmas symbols instead of the letters bingo. Drawing by hand or using computer graphic software, create a grid that is five boxes long by five boxes high. Choose five different symbols that represent Christmas such as a Christmas tree, Santa's face, a candy cane, a star and wreath. Place these five symbols at the top of the grid. Print out the bingo card you've created and make copies of it. Hand out a Christmas bingo card to each of your guests. Have them fill in their own boxes with a number in each box from 1 to 25. Once everyone has filled in each box, you can begin calling out random combinations of a symbol and a number such as Christmas tree-17. Play like traditional bingo and award a winner.

Grab Bag Swap

Play a grab bag game. Ask each of your guests to bring a grab bag gift (set a price range). Each person should bring it wrapped so others can't see the item. Write numbers on small pieces of paper to equal the number of guests you have: e.g., if you have 24 guests, write the numbers 1-24 on pieces of paper. Have each person choose a number from a hat. The person who draws the number 1, goes first. He can choose the gift he wants to open. He opens it and then number 2 opens a gift. The catch to the game is that whoever is currently opening the gift, can either choose to keep her gift or exchange it with another gift that has already been opened.