Costume Ideas for Puck From a Midsummer Night's Dream

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The idea of causing mischief while helping mortals fall in love is what has made Puck an endearing character for hundreds of years. Every production of A Midsummer Nights Dream features a different interpretation of Puck. Since there is no set criteria of what Puck is supposed to look like, you have the opportunity to let your imagination run wild. With so many options available for Puck, it's easy to become overwhelmed with ideas. When you're choosing your costume, try to stick with a few basics before adding more elaborate fantasy items. Because Puck is a woodland sprite, incorporate trees, leaves and flowers alongside the fantasy aspects of his visage.


Squire Puck

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Even though Puck is written as a young man, he is often played by women. To give the character a more masculine edge, he is sometimes dressed as a squire. In Shakespeare's time, squires were young men who were brought on to assist knights. A squire's uniform is simple, consisting of black, brown or green tights and a tunic. Use a rope or belt at the waist of the tunic to give the garment shape. Sequins, artificial flowers and leaves can be sewn or pinned to the tunic and tights to give the costume the magical look of a woodland sprite.

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Fairy Puck

In some productions Puck is depicted as a sweet and mischievous fairy. Wear a light green or blue body suit. Cover your costume with flowers, vines leaves and glitter. Wear makeup with lots of glitter around your eyes and cheeks to give your face a magical glow. Weave flowers into your hair and add a pair of fairy wings to pull the look together.


Satyr Puck

Elaborate interpretations of Puck have turned him into a satyr. Satyrs are mythical beasts that are half man and half beast. They are said to have a human upper body and face with the legs of an animal, usually a horse or goat. Animal leggings can be purchased at costume stores or you can have them custom made. Wear a bikini top and cover your upper body with glitter. Add a pair of small horns and weave flowers in your hair and use glittery makeup around your eyes and cheeks to give yourself a hint of other-worldly charm. Accent your outfit with a small pouch around your waist for your love potions.


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