Tonsillectomy Get Well Gifts

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Ice cream is a good gift.
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According to Pradeep K. Sinha, M.D. of the Atlanta Facial Institute, the removal of tonsils can include the use of a knife, a scalpel, radiofrequency electrocautery and a specialized laser. Any adult or child who's been through this unpleasant procedure deserves a special get-well gift to help aid in his or her recovery and occupy the hours of recuperation.


Edible Gifts

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A gift package of soft foods is an excellent get-well gift for a person recovering from a tonsillectomy. Adults will appreciate having easy-to-prepare foods at their fingertips, and children will feel special to have a variety of goodies to choose from. Frozen treats such as popsicles or ice cream are popular with both children and adults. Dr. Pradeep K. Sinha suggests avoiding products made with acidic juices because they can sting a healing throat. Homemade or canned soup, cups of pudding, flavored gelatin, canned fruits, spreadable cheeses and soft bread are also thoughtful items. Some patients can only tolerate fluids for the first few days after surgery, so a supply of sports drinks and non-acidic juices is a good idea.

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Healing Gifts

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While they may not be the most glamorous gifts, items that can lessen a person's discomfort are sure to be appreciated. Ice packs, alcohol-free throat sprays, a fresh new pillow and cozy blanket or a room humidifier are get-well gifts that can bring a great deal of comfort to a tonsillectomy patient. A small white board and erasable pen is a clever gift to help patient's communicate without straining their throats. Children will also enjoy this gift for drawing and doodling when they get bored.


Entertaining Gifts

Jigsaw puzzle.
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According to the Texas Pediatric Surgical Associates, complete recovery from a tonsillectomy takes around 12 to 14 days. Gifts that help distract the patient during this recovery time are priceless. Books, puzzles, magazines, CDs, DVDs, craft projects, word games such as word searches or crossword puzzles, "fill-in-the-blank" stories, cards and board games will help both adults and children fill the hours while they are recovering.


Cheerful Gifts

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Almost anyone who has to spend some recovery time either indoors or in bed will feel better if the environment is cheerful. Bring colorful balloons or posters to cheer up a child's recovery room. Or better yet, bring her a few basic craft supplies and keep her company while the two of you make construction paper flowers or fun pictures for her walls. Flowers and easy-care houseplants may help cheer a convalescing adult.



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