Ideas to Celebrate a 25th Birthday

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Turning 25% of a century is worthy of celebration.
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Turning a quarter of a century old is not as monumental as turning 21, but you can celebrate the event with just as much gusto. Once you decide on the venue, pick the menu and settle the music, implement ways to make the birthday unique. Use ideas that integrate your youthful energy or feature the number 25 in some manner.


Retro Birthday

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retro theme
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Honor the year you were born by revolving your party around the theme of your birth year. Ask your guests to dress in clothing representative of this year and take plenty of pictures during the party. Play movies that were hits in this year, compile a playlist of the top songs and decorate your venue using popular icons or toys.

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Quarters Tournament

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This shiny coin holds so much power in the game of quarters. Provided all your guests are of age, hold a large quarters tournament at your birthday party in celebration of turning 25. Several variations of this popular drinking game exist, but outlines the rules as follows: Each player attempts to ricochet a quarter off the table and into a glass full of alcohol or juice. If a player successfully bounces the quarter into the glass, she designates someone else to drink a shot and takes another turn. If she fails, she passes the quarter to the person next to her. A person is out when she voluntarily resigns or is unable to play. Award the winner of the tournament a bottle of alcohol or $25.


Top 25 Lists

top 25 questionaires
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The number 25 lends itself beautifully to lists. Assemble questionnaires for party guests to fill out in a collaborative way including things like "top 25 memories with me", "25 songs that should be played at this party", "25 things that must happen at this party", "25 things you should accomplish this year", "25 things I adore about the birthday girl" and "25 things I want the birthday boy to know about life". Read the lists aloud at the end of the night and keep them as a souvenir.


Watch the Clock

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Play with the number 25 regarding time: For example, start your party at 8:25 p.m. and end it at 2:25 a.m. Every hour the clock hits 25 minutes, commemorate it in some way like playing a favorite song or taking a shot of alcohol. Make the little celebration last for just 60 seconds before resuming the normal festivities. Ask someone to set his cell phone clock alarm every hour so people remember the mini break.


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