Easy Song Title Themed Costume Ideas

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If your fellow Halloween partygoers or trick-or-treaters spend the evening singing lines from your song-title Halloween costume, you've accomplished your theme objective.

So that your costume will bring to mind the song title on which it is based, choose a piece of music that is iconic and timeless and has been successful enough to have generated a great deal of airplay. Illustrate the title's lyrics with visual elements to create a walking piece of musical pop culture. You can also draw inspiration from the music video for the song.


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Be creative when putting together your costume for trick-or-treating or your next Halloween party. You can often purchase a costume that is ready to go from Amazon or a local store, but when following the inspiration from some of the most popular songs of all time, you can often make a DIY costume with items you have on hand or have purchased from a thrift store.


There are countless tutorials to help you with any sewing or alterations that are necessary to complete the look. This not only saves you cash but also lets you put together an epic last-minute costume.

"I Heard It Through the Grapevine"

This iconic Marvin Gaye song held the number-one position on the Billboard charts for seven weeks in 1968, making it one that most people recognize. Create a grapevine costume for your next Halloween costume party and replace some of the fruit with ears to embody this timeless classic.


  1. Dress in brown to mimic the stem of the grapevine.
  2. Add small bunches of grapes.
  3. Draw and cut out grapes or purchase toy plastic grapes meant for artificial fruit bowls or children's play sets and tape them to your clothing.
  4. In between the bunches, add ears made of paper to represent the word "heard."


"Devil With a Blue Dress On"

When it comes to Halloween costume ideas, this Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels variation on the standard devil costume requires no changes other than swapping a red dress for a fancy dress in blue. Keep all accessories in red to maintain the devil theme.


Add devil ears made from red fabric or paper to a red headband. Create a red tail using felt or fabric sewn or glued around a length of wire or straightened coat hanger for support—or, if you prefer, simply let the tail dangle.

Build a pitchfork out of cardboard, wood or sturdy wire and cover it with red paint, paper or fabric. Accessorize with red glitter, dramatic makeup and red nail polish.



"Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree"

Written by Irwin Levine and Larry Brown, this song was released by Tony Orlando and Dawn in the '70s and spent 26 weeks on the charts. Dress in brown to mimic the trunk of an oak tree, including brown sleeves and a brown hat. A brown jumpsuit is ideal.


Look at a photograph (or venture outside if you have an oak tree nearby) to familiarize yourself with the distinct shape of the oak leaf.

Using green construction paper, cut out leaves and tape them to your sleeves, shoulders, back, chest and hat. Tie a yellow ribbon around your waist in place of a belt to complete the costume.


"Strawberry Fields Forever"

Released in 1967, this Lennon and McCartney Beatles classic has a title that brings to mind the complementary colors of red and green. For the green grass of your field, choose either green fabric in the form of a sweater, sweatshirt or T-shirt or alternatively use a cardboard box painted green with holes cut for your arms.

Along the bottom of your fabric or box, create a fence using brown felt, paper or paint.

Next, cover the main expanse of your field with strawberries, either applied with paint or cut from paper or fabric. Emphasize the strawberry theme even further with red nail polish and a red toque for your head with green paper or fabric leaves pinned to the top.

Using cardboard or felt, create a figure-eight infinity symbol to represent the "forever" aspect of this hit song. Pin the infinity symbol to your shirt.



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