Ideas for Honoring a 70-Year-Old Mother's Birthday

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Give your mom a chance to reminisce on her birthday.
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A milestone birthday deserves more than just cake and ice cream, and a 70th birthday is certainly a milestone. At 70 years of age, many moms would probably say that the most important thing in their life is their family and friends. That is the perfect jumping-off point for planning a party that will honor your mother's life and celebrate all the important things she has accomplished so far.


Plan Well

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Consult with Mom
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Whether she wants a posh affair or a backyard family get-together, take the necessary time to plan a good party. Don't throw something together at the last minute and assume everyone who is important to your mother will be there. Your mom won't feel honored if it is apparent that little effort was put into planning her birthday celebration. Unless it is a surprise party, consult with her about the guest list or any other details that may be important to her enjoyment.

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Meaningful Gifts

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For a meaningful gift your mom will appreciate more than another knickknack, provide friends and family members with a note card and ask them to write down their favorite memory of a time they spent with her. Let them read it out loud to honor her at the birthday gathering, and then collect them for a scrapbook that includes photos and other mementos of the party.


If your mother has been active in a charity, ask guests to donate money to her favorite cause. Invite a representative from the charity to come to the birthday gathering and talk for a few moments about the important work that she's done for them.

Let Her Ride in Style

Let her ride in style
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Instead of splurging on a limousine to take her to the party or out to dinner, find a car for hire that is the same model as a favorite car from her life, such as the car her family took vacations in, the first car she ever bought herself or the car she drove when you were a child.


Have a Costume Party

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To honor your 70-year-old mother, ask party guests to dress in clothing from the era in which she came of age. For example, a woman turning 70 in 2010 would have officially become an adult in the late 1950s.This idea can also set the theme for your party. Include food, candies, decorations, music and party favors that were popular at that time.



Photo Tribute

Scan images onto a DVD.
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Create a photo tribute of your mother by scanning photos from her life onto a DVD and play it at the birthday gathering. If you are not familiar with the technology needed to do this, ask a family member to help or hire a professional to do it.


Music and Memories

Hire a DJ
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If your venue allows, hire a band or DJ to play the top hits from your 70-year-old mom's life to honor her. Include special milestones such as the number one song during the year she turned 13, 18 or 21; the year she finished college, met her husband, got a promotion, gave birth or met an important life goal. Include a script with the music so everyone at the party can share in your mom's memories. If professional musicians are not in your party budget, burn a CD with her memorable songs and be your own disc jockey.


Look to the Future

Mom and daughter
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At 70 years old, your mom may still have several decades ahead of her. Include a discussion about what goals and accomplishments mom still wants to achieve to honor the fact that she is still a vital, interesting person.