Costume Ideas For a Famous Couples Theme

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Dressing up as a famous couple for a costume party or Halloween party offers a wide variety of creative possibilities. These costumes could range from recognizable movie stars to infamous political and historical figures.The costume choice should be a joint decision, however. No one wants to spend the evening in a costume that is unflattering or uncomfortable.

Movie Stars

For a touch of classic Hollywood, dress up as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Raid thrift stores and consignment shops for a 1930s-style "Ginger Rogers" gown. A cut-away tux might be a little harder to come by. One option is to alter a standard suit jacket, tapering off the front and adding fabric to the back to represent the jacket tail.

For a Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes couples costume, sport formal wear and a woman's wig with bangs to represent "Katie's" short bob. To add a little humor, "Tom" might carry a couch cushion that he can occasionally drop to the ground and proceed to jump on.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are another popular show business couple. For a humorous twist, "Sarah" could show up in an outlandish fashion statement complete with a large, and decidedly odd, hat. "Matthew" might make his appearance dressed as "Ferris Bueller."

Television Characters

Raid the dollar store to find the costume elements for Al and Peg Bundy. Look for leopard print tops and ultra tight leggings for "Peg" and don't forget her trademark beehive wig. "Al" is a little more basic. All he needs is a business shirt and pants along with a loose tie. To convey "Al's" personality, walk around with one hand tucked inside the waist of the pants.

Mike and Carol Brady present some groovy 1970s possibilities, the more garishly hip, the better. Look for dresses with pointed, oversized collars and wild paisley prints for "Carol." And nothing says "Mike Brady" like a bold, plaid sport coat. Wigs are also important for these costumes. "Carol" needs a perky, flipped shag while "Mike" should sport a funky "man perm." Props can put these looks over the top. "Carol" might show up carrying a tortured needlework project or maybe a huge box of "Safe" laundry detergent. Give "Mike" an architect's T square or an enormous book with a phony dust cover that reads "Modern Parenting."

Infamous Couples

Notorious figures make excellent costume choices. You could opt for the traditional "Bonnie and Clyde" costumes. A vested man's suit with a wide lapel, a man's dress hat and a toy "tommy gun" are all you will need for "Clyde." For "Bonnie," find a pencil skirt that hits below the knees, a tight fitting turtleneck sweater and that trademark beret.

Borrow from Broadway and dress as "Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett." A white, full-sleeved shirt along with a dark vest and pants provide the raw ingredients for a "Sweeney Todd" costume. Add a few key accessories such as a long razor and a blood stained barber's towel. For "Mrs. Lovett," wear a long black dress, black fingerless gloves, a white apron and carry a blood stained rolling pin. Toss in garish makeup, wild hair and a few pot pies, and the "Demon Barber of Fleet Street" and his accomplice are ready to go.

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