Christian Party Games for Christmas

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The nativity, the true meaning of Christmas, can be incorporated into your Christmas party.
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Whether you are hosting a Christmas party with family, friends or a Bible study group, games are a great way to liven up the festivities for adults and children alike. Traditional games with a Christian twist are always a fantastic choice because many participants will already be familiar with the rules and the objective. Raising the stakes with prizes can also make the games more fun and worthwhile and can encourage participation.


Games for a Christian Christmas Party

Many classic parlor games that revolve around deductive reasoning can be modified to fit a Christmas theme, and they're a great last-minute choice because they don't call for specific materials. For example, a Christian holiday version of the game called "two truths and a lie" can revolve around the Biblical nativity story. The same can be done with the game "20 questions." Remind your guests that the less obvious the answers are, the more satisfying the game will be for everyone involved.


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You can also keep guests entertained for hours with a Christmas-themed version of the game Pictionary. To do this, create a list of objects or scenes from the Biblical nativity stories. To play, have one participant draw the object on a large pad of paper or dry-erase board using markers. The rest of the players must guess what the object is. Charades, in which one person has to act out a word or scene rather than draw it, is an equally fun alternative to Pictionary.


Christian Christmas Games for Children

Many beloved children's games can easily be given a Christian Christmas twist. Instead of playing regular bingo, for example, shop around for a kid-friendly, Bible-themed bingo set that features imagery from the Christmas story, such as angels, shepherds and a manger. If you have a printer, you can also download and print Christian-themed bingo cards or even design your own using word processing software.


To help kids remember the details of the biblical Christmas story, plan a trivia game in which participants must answer questions – for example, according to the Bible, which of the three wise men brought gold as a gift for the infant Jesus? – in exchange for small prizes, like candy canes. Other fun game options for kids would be a game that calls for pinning the red nose on Rudolph the reindeer, inspired by the classic pin the tail on the donkey game.


Other Christian Christmas Game Ideas

Scavenger hunts always make for good party games regardless of group size, and it's easy to follow a Christmas theme by making the list of objects to be found reflect the nativity story. You can simply provide your guests with a list of items to find or make the quest more of a challenge by offering clues or riddles that participants must solve in order to find the big prize.


While you might associate costumes with Halloween, there's no reason why you can't ask your guests to dress up for your Christian-themed Christmas party as a figure from the nativity story and offer a prize for the most elaborate or most creative idea.



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