Middle School Valentine Ideas

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Middle school kids need to add their own touch to Valentine's Day. Most tweens are too old for pre-boxed cartoon-character Valentine cards, but might still want to give out dozens of silly Valentines to their school friends. Middle school kids can make their own Valentine cards and gifts that are funny and age appropriate.


Store-bought Valentine Cards

Store-bought cards that are age appropriate for middle school kids are not easy to find, but are out there if you know what to look for. Candy companies make Valentine kits with basic Valentine cards that include a space to attach a piece of candy. These cards suit middle school tweens—they don't have little kid cartoon princesses and they're inexpensive, making it possible to hand them out to everyone. The best part is they aren't too grown up and serious.


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Handmade Valentine Cards

Handmade cards might be a good project for middle school kids who just want to give out a few Valentines to their closest friends. Family Fun magazine's the "Ace of Hearts" card is an easy card to make. Kids can cut out "playing cards" from red construction paper and decorate it with craft foam hearts to look like an ace. Kids can even write "You're a Real Ace" on the card, making it appropriate for anyone.


Valentine Gifts

Middle school tweens in the throes of puppy love may want to give their sweetheart a gift on Valentine's Day. Gift ideas for boys or girls might be a giant Hershey's Kiss, a small heart-shaped box of candy, an MP3 download gift card or a small stuffed animal. Carnations are also good idea and less expensive than more serious roses.


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