Company Christmas Party Game Ideas

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Co-workers celebrate a Christmas party.

Company Christmas parties are year-end celebrations for all employees. Playing games at a Christmas party can relax employees, and make it easier for everyone to have a fun time. Games designed to entertain as many people as possible make the best selections, as well as games that entertain non-participants. Games should feature lots of excitement and employee interaction to keep everyone involved.


Unwrap the Christmas Present

Christmas gift pile.

Unwrap the Christmas Present is a game that is played with a die or pair of dice, depending on the number of participants. Participants in the game form a circle around a Christmas present. Next to the present is a pair of winter gloves and a Santa hat. The employees pass around the die until someone rolls a six, or a pair of sixes when two dice are used. The employee that rolls the six runs to the middle of the circle and puts on the winter gloves and Santa hat. Once the hat and gloves are on, the employee begins to unwrap the present. As the game progresses, employees learn that the present lies under multiple layers of wrapping paper and boxes. An employee who rolls a six continues to unwrap the present until another employee rolls a six. The winner of the game is the employee that ultimately unwraps the well-hidden present.


Musical Chairs

Large group of people sitting in chairs.

Musical Chairs is a game that is fun for all ages, but it is especially entertaining when played in large groups. Add Santa hats or elf hats and play Christmas music to make the game more festive. Participants in the game march in a circle around a collection of chairs aligned back-to-back. There is always one more participant than number of chairs. When the music stops, every participant sits down in a chair. The person left without a chair is out of the game. After each round, there is one fewer chair than the round before. The winner of the game is the last person sitting.


Code Word

Jingle bells on blue background.

Code Word is a game best played over the course of an entire company Christmas party. At the beginning of the party, every employee receives a Christmas "jingle" bell on a necklace. The game organizer reveals the code word and explains the rules. If a person is caught saying the code word, he must relinquish his bell to the person who caught him. If a person has multiple bells, he must relinquish all of his bells when caught saying the code word. The winner of the game is the person at the end of the party with the most bells collected. The game is most exciting when played with a code word that comes up frequently in conversations.