Halloween Relay Games

Relay games help kids burn off energy while they're having fun at a Halloween party. These games work well outdoors so the kids have lots of room to run. An indoor venue with a large open space also works for most relay races. If the kids vary in age, consider creating teams that have an equal number of kids from various age groups so everyone has a fair shot at winning.

Halloween Candy Relay

A Halloween candy relay game requires a large bowl of candy, small scoop and an empty bowl for each team. The full bowl of candy is set up at the far end of the playing area. One player from each team races to the full bowl, fills the scoop with candy and carries it back to the starting line where the empty bowl sits. The goal is to be the first team to fill the empty bowl with the candy. The smaller the scoop, the more of a challenge the game is for the kids.

Mummy Wrap Relay

Toilet paper is perfect to create simple mummy costumes for a mummy wrap relay. The team members all wrap one child with toilet paper to resemble a mummy. The wrapped child then races down the playing area, around a cone and back to the start where his teammates unwrap him. The team then wraps the second player in the toilet paper. The wrapping and unwrapping process continues until everyone on the team completes the process. You'll want to set guidelines on how much toilet paper each mummy needs before he can race. This helps avoid the teams just wrapping a few times around to get done faster.

Witch's Broom Relay

Any broom will work for a witch's broom relay. Each team will need its own broom, as well as something to push. You can use either a balloon or a small pumpkin for this purpose. The players take turns pushing the balloon or pumpkin down the length of the playing field and back using the broom. When each player returns back to the starting line, he passes off the broom to the next person.

Halloween Puzzle Race

A Halloween puzzle relay race combines the physical aspect of the race with the mental challenge of a puzzle. Each team needs its own Halloween-themed puzzle. You can purchase a puzzle or make your own. One simple idea is to print a large skeleton shape that you find online. Cut apart each section of the skeleton and glue the pieces to craft foam or cardboard for more stability. One at a time, the players race to the opposite end of the playing area where the puzzle pieces are located. Each player brings back one puzzle piece. Once all of the pieces are collected, the team assembles the puzzle together.