Small Inexpensive Gifts for 100 People

Are you planning a wedding on a budget and can’t think of giveaways for the 100 guests whom you have invited? Do you want to surprise your 100 employees with small tokens of appreciation for a job well done? Maybe the holiday season is approaching, and you have a long list of nieces and nephews. Everyone loves being remembered and appreciated, especially if he is part of a large group. The price and a size of a present do not matter if it is given with sincerity. Look for online stores that sell in bulk or wholesale quantities such as Oriental Trading Company. There are companies that can personalize items, too. Here are some suggestions for small, inexpensive gifts for 100 people.

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All people carry keys with them: car keys, office keys, house keys. The worst case scenario for anyone is to lose her keys. A keychain makes the perfect gift for anyone, and there is a style out there for every occasion, every profession and every person. Popular cartoon characters are great for kids.


We don’t realize how important pens are until we realize one isn’t available: signing checks, taking down directions, writing down brilliant ideas. A pen is always handy to keep around and makes a sensible gift that everyone is sure to use.

Perfume Samples

You can buy these online in bulk quantities, and some companies even give them away for free. Many come in simple vials with simple card holders, while others are available in decorative miniature bottles. Although they are only samples, they can last for multiple uses. Cologne samples are great for men.


When was the last time you were without a flashlight and caught in a power outage or found yourself looking for something in the dark? Mini-flashlights are good to have on hand in case of an emergency. They are small enough to keep in your car’s glove compartment, your purse or inside your desk drawer.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes, or popular brands such as Post-It Notes, have changed the way people write down reminders and communicate. They are good to keep handy when writing down grocery lists or sticking a friendly note on someone’s car window. Personalized sticky notes are available and make great mementos as giveaways for weddings or other special occasions.


Breath mints or inexpensive chocolates, when wrapped in a pretty organza bag (also available by the bulk), make wonderful gifts that are almost certain to disappear right away. Creative gift wrapping gives a common, inexpensive item that special touch.

Customized CDs

Buy a pack of 100 write-able CDs at your local electronics store and burn your favorite songs on your computer. If these gifts are for relatives, scan some old family photographs and burn the images onto the CDs. Not only are you preserving history, but you are passing on your heritage to the younger generations.


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