Christmas Gift Ideas for 16 Year Old Boys

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When faced with shopping for a teenage boy, you may find yourself wondering where to start. Especially if his interests are unknown to you, it can be difficult to find a gift you can be sure he will love. Fortunately, there are many things you can count on to be enjoyed by just about any 16-year-old boy.


Music Lovers

Many teenagers enjoy using some type of music to express themselves. Even if you can't keep up with what bands or genres they like from one moment to the next, you can still feed their love of music with gifts that aren't limited to any specific artist. If you have a large budget, consider a digital music player such as an iPod. These will allow him to take his music library with him wherever he goes. If your budget is too small for a costly electronic device, consider a gift card to a service that will allow him to download more music, such as iTunes, eMusic or Amazon. These services provide music files that he can save to his computer, transfer to a digital music player or burn to CDs to be listened to on other stereos. If he already has a player and a substantial library, he may appreciate a new pair of headphones. These are available with a variety of options for comfort, noise-canceling and wireless capabilities.


Game Lovers

If the boy you are shopping for enjoys video games, there are nearly endless possibilities for gifts that are approved for older teens. If your budget allows for a purchase such as a new gaming console, consider a Nintendo Wii, a Sony PlayStation 3 or a Microsoft Xbox 360. If the teen in question already owns one of these consoles, you may choose a new game. Guitar Hero and Rock Band are popular, age-appropriate titles with multiple editions. New titles often debut during the holiday season, so choosing the newest one increases the likelihood of a gift that will not duplicate one he already has. If you prefer not to risk purchasing a game or console he may already own, consider a gift certificate to a retailer where he can purchase one of his own choosing. GameStop is a popular chain of stores with locations in most areas of the United States, making it an ideal source for a gift card.


Fun Lovers

Even if the 16-year-old you're shopping for doesn't have a particular penchant for music or video games, you can still feed his love of fun and entertainment. Board games such as Would You Rather ... ? and Loaded Questions will allow him to entertain his friends as well as himself. Additionally, many producers of home videos release new titles around the holidays, so consider a movie he can enjoy at home or share with friends. If you are unsure which movies he likes, gift certificates to places like Blockbuster or Best Buy can allow him to choose one that will suit his tastes. If you know which sports he enjoys, you may opt for tickets to a game. If you know of a favorite team, look for jerseys or other logo items that will allow him to exhibit pride and enthusiasm for it.