Adult Christian Games for Valentine's Day

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For the secular world, Valentine's Day celebrates the love two people share between them. For devout Christians, the day also is meant for celebrating love -- but with the deeper understanding that love comes from the Lord and He is the third partner in the union between a man and woman. As such, many secular games are not appropriate for Christian couples. However, there are plenty of games Christians can enjoy during their celebrations.


Word Find

Take a phrase from the Bible that illustrates love, such as "God so loved the world," and have each participant write it across the top of a piece of paper. Each couple has five minutes to create as many words as it can from the phrase. The couple with the most words at the end wins.


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Word Scramble

Give each couple a paper with 10 scrambled words or phrases from the Bible that focus on love; words such as "unity," "faith," "brotherly love," "marriage"and "sacrifice" may be used. Print these papers out in advance. Give the couples two to three minutes to unscramble as many words as they can. The couple with the most words wins. The leader should keep an answer sheet for scoring.


Love Scripture

Divide the group into teams with two or more couples in each group. Choose a team to start. That team must recite a scripture involving the word "love." When the first team is done, the second needs to recite a different love scripture. The game continues until a team cannot recite one that has not already been spoken. The team that recites the most wins.



Pick up blank bingo cards at a party store or find some online to print out. Give each couple a card and pass out a list of at least 30 or more words. Have each couple write whichever words they choose on their cards in any order. After all the cards are filled, begin calling out words. You write the words on index cards and place them in a basket, then pick index cards out at random to select the words. Call out each word to the couples and have them mark those words off their cards. The first couple to remove five words wins.



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