Crafts With Dogs' Paws

Create a variety of dog print crafts as gifts for pet lovers or for your own pet-friendly home. Use your favorite craft process or try a new one to make paw print gifts and accessories. Paw print designs are available in craft stores or online in many forms like ink stamps, stencils, candy or craft molds and paper patterns.

Holiday Paws

Make one of a variety of Christmas stockings for a favorite dog. Use a stencil to paint paw prints on a purchased Christmas stocking. Or, make a paw-shaped stocking from felt. Trace a paw pattern, or freehand draw a paw print onto felt or fleece fabric. Cut out two identical layers. Stitch or glue around the edges. To stuff the stocking with goodies, leave a portion of the edges open, or cut a slit in the back of the paw stocking. Paint the paw pads onto the fabric to complete the paw print look. Glue or stitch a loop of felt or fleece onto the stocking to form a hanger. Turn the stocking idea into an ornament. Simply use a smaller stocking or draw a smaller pattern onto fleece or felt and repeat. Stuff the paw-print ornament with goodies or cotton, if you prefer.

Paw Prints on Doggie Items

Paint paw prints onto the outside rim of food or water bowls or a canister that holds dog food or treats. Paint paw prints onto a plain place mat, and cover the painted side with clear self-adhesive plastic to make a mat for food and water bowls. Consider cutting paw print shapes from fabric, such as dog or dog bone prints. Use fusible webbing and a warm iron to attach the fabric prints onto a dog's blanket, a pillowcase for her favorite pillow, or doggie's own bath towel.

Paw Print Decorations

Make an inexpensive picture frame. Trace paw prints onto craft foam. Cut out the prints and glue them around the edges of a recycled or inexpensive picture frame. Put a dog's picture inside the frame for a gift or to display. Turn the foam paw prints into refrigerator magnets by gluing a magnet onto the back of one or more paws.

Transform a lamp shade by pressing paw-shaped ink stamps around the bottom edge or all over the shade. Press fabric paw prints onto kitchen towels, potholders or aprons for one-of-a-kind kitchen accessories and decorations.

Paws-itively Welcome

Paint paw prints onto a wooden welcome sign. Add a dog's name to the craft for a special gift. Paint a brick in one or more colors to represent the colors of your dog. Paint wooden letter and paw shapes in bright colors. Use a hot glue gun to arrange letters to spell "Welcome" or a family or dog's name. Glue on some wooden paw print shapes as well.

Plaster Paws

Press a dog's foot into a small, shallow container of wet plaster. Wash the dog's paw off immediately. Let the plaster print dry before removing the small plaque from the container. Use the same method to make porch or garden steppingstones. Pour plaster into small containers or larger aluminum pie tins.

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