How to Make a Hershey's Kiss Hat

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Things You'll Need

  • Duct tape

  • 1 roll tinfoil

  • 1 roll toilet paper

  • Blue permanent marker

If you are looking for an easy to make Halloween costume that will not go out of style, make a Hershey's Kiss costume. The candy is a perennial favorite among kids and adults and a Hershey's Kiss hat is bound to look good on anyone. Make the Hershey's Kiss hat from a snow hat, tape and silver foil, found easily around the house. Use the hat as part of a Hershey's Kiss costume on Halloween.


Step 1

Cut strips of duct tape and scrunch them together to form a large ball.

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Step 2

Stuff the snow hat with balls of duct tape to form a conical shape with the hat.

Step 3

Cover the hat with strips of tin foil that stretch the length of the hat. Use duct tape to stick the strips to the hat. Reinforce the stiffness of the foil by attaching more tin foil to the hat, covering any duct tape peeking through.


Step 4

Make a pointed tip on top of the hat. If you have a pompom attached to the snow hat, cover it with foil, making the tip pointed.

Step 5

Write "Hershey's" in big letters on a long strip of toilet paper. Attach the strip to the top of the conical hat with duct tape before wearing it.


Wear a dark t-shirt and dark pants to go with the costume.



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