Decorate a Hat Contest Ideas

A hat decorating competition adds a creative twist to an occasion such as a baby shower, birthday party or fundraising event. Having a list of decorating ideas ready will spark your participants' imaginations and help jump-start their projects. Offer your contestants plenty of inspiration and a full stock of supplies, and the hardest part of the competition will be selecting a winner.

Seasonal Hats

Give your hat decorating contest a theme to provide inspiration for contestants. For example, in summer, give contestants straw hats to decorate. Some may add brightly colored flowers to the hat to symbolize summer blooms, and others may use bold-patterned ribbons to adorn the hat for summer wear. Contestants can make their best winter hats when you provide each with a wool cap as the base. Using elements like fur, feathers or additional wool can make each hat festive and one-of-a-kind, as well as warm and comfortable.

Color-Themed Hats

If contestants are creating hats according to a color theme, make a six-sided die and roll it to determine the color to be used. If the contest is part of a bridal shower or birthday party, use the guest of honor's favorite color. Items like satin ribbons, plastic fruits, butterflies, plastic jewels and feathers make a monochromatic hat stand out, and participants can model their hats for a fashion show to decide the winner. For example, if orange is chosen, contestants can use synthetic orange tulips, plastic orange slices and orange jewels to create a zany and attention-getting look.

Princess Hats

A princess hat-decorating contest works well for a party for little girls; however, some adults may enjoy playing dress-up as well. Purchase cone-shaped princess hats from a craft or party supply store, along with accessories like ribbon, bows, lace, glitter, strings of fake pearls, feathers and strips of chiffon. Allow each girl to model her princess hat, and give prizes for categories such as most colorful hat, most creative design or most hat accessories.

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