Craft Ideas for Pink Ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness

The pink ribbon serves as a powerful symbol of breast cancer awareness.

The pink ribbon has come to symbolize breast cancer awareness throughout the world. Craft ideas for pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness can range from the simple to the elaborate. Many crafts can be worn or displayed to serve as a tangible and visual reminders of the need to play close attention to women's health issues and to support research and funding for a cure.

Pink Ribbon Charm Bracelet

Make a charm bracelet with pink ribbon charms interlaced with pink beads and silver spacers. Use a memory wire or an elastic beading thread to string all elements of the bracelet. For a memory wire, twist the ends under with needle-nose jewelry pliers to secure; with elastic string, secure with a double knot touched with jewelry glue and obscure the knotted section inside one of the larger beads.

Pink Ribbon Mosaic Candle Holder

Turn a glass hurricane lamp into a symbol for breast cancer awareness. Using pink mosaic tiles, create a simple pink ribbon design on the front of the glass, securing tiles with mosaic grout, available in most crafts stores. Use white mosaic tiles to fill in the remaining space.

Pink Ribbon Key Chain

A go-with-you-everywhere pink ribbon key chain can be created using a 12-inch length of pink satin cording. Stiffen the ends with white glue and fold the cording in half. Thread the folded end through the middle of a safety pin and draw the cord ends down through the folded end loop and pull tight. Slide a pink ribbon bead up both cords and push it up tight and then slide on another bead or charm, pushing the left cord through the left side of the bead and the right cord through the right side of the bead. Finish by sliding another pink ribbon-themed bead up both cords. Tie an overhand knot tightly under the last bead and trim cords.

Pink Ribbon Magnets

Pink ribbon magnets make decorative, useful and inspirational breast cancer awareness reminders. Print inspirational sayings on small pieces of pink card stock, trim and laminate. Secure laminated cards to self-stick magnets and finish with a delicate pink ribbon glued to the surface. You can also print half-inch pink ribbons on white card stock and cut into circles. Use clear-drying craft glue to secure the paper ribbons to the flat underside of a decorative flat glass marble. When dry, secure a circle magnet to the back side of the picture to create a powerful mini magnet.