What Are Some Easy Villains to Dress Up As?

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Show up to your next costume party in style by going as your favorite villain. Every story needs a good antagonist and that is precisely the role the villain plays. Many of the items you need to dress as your favorite villain can be found in your closet. Enhance them with a little bit of makeup and accessories from your local Halloween store to bring it all together. Channel your favorite book, movie or TV baddie with these easy villain costume ideas.


Wicked Witch of the West

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There are few villains as recognizable as the Wicked Witch of the West from ​The Wizard of Oz.


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The Long Black Dress

This costume starts with a long-sleeved black maxi dress.

Paint Yourself Green

Apply green face or body paint to your arms, chest, neck and face.


Add Black Accessories

A pair of black heels, a black witch's hat and a broom complete this villainous costume.


A stuffed monkey or prosthetic pointy nose can be used to add extra detail to your costume.


Create a convincing Ursula costume out of a strapless black maxi dress and some Halloween makeup.


Measure and Mark

Measure the circumference of the bottom hem of the maxi dress. Divide that measurement into 8 equal sections and place a white chalk mark at that measurement. You should be left with eight evenly spaced sections.


Cut the Tentacles

Cut a slit in the fabric at each mark. This slit can be as high as you desire. When you are done, you will have eight tentacles.

Paint Yourself Purple

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Apply purple body makeup to your arms, back, chest, neck and face.



Finish This Female Villain Costume

Finish it off with a white wig or white hairspray, bright blue eye shadow and ruby red lipstick.


For a little something extra, hang a shell necklace around your neck.

Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor, the arch enemy of Superman, is one of the most recognizable male villains of all time. Lex Luthor is also one of the easiest male villain costumes to create, especially if you already happen to have a shaved head.


Dress Up Nicely

Start with a black suit, white shirt and black tie. Luthor often wore a black vest as well.

Make Yourself Bald

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If you have hair, add a skull cap to make it look as though you are bald.



In early versions of ​Superman​, Lex Luthor had red hair and then red hair with a receding hairline.

Mr. Burns

On air for more than 30 years (as of 2020), ​The Simpsons​ has become an iconic animated television series. The never-aging characters are known for their witty repartee and Mr. Burns has been a villainous character throughout the series.

Obtain the Mask

Order a Mr. Burns mask online. They are readily available through costume retailers.

Wear a Suit, Dress Shirt and Tie

Purchase a green or navy blue suit, as these are the most common colors that Mr. Burns wears on the show. Pair it with a white shirt and a solid colored tie to finish this male villain costume.


Hunch your shoulders over a bit, press your fingers together and start reciting your favorite Mr. Burns quotes.



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