Ways to Put Glitter on Cards

Homemade greeting cards are inexpensive to make and more personal than store bought cards. You can add your own personal touches with appliques, personal messages, different color card stock and glitter. If you have ever opened up a homemade greeting card only to have the glitter on it fall off, you may be leery of making your own cards with glitter. However, there are ways to put glitter on cards that will stay put.

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Glitter Accents

Glitter accents come in all shapes and sizes -- from stars to flowers to letters. They have an adhesive backing you simply peel and stick onto the card stock. These are just right if you are creating greeting cards or invitations that have an embellished appearance. The perk to using these is that the glitter is firmly attached to the accents and does not fall off when you handle the card.

Glitter Pens

When you make your greeting cards, use a glitter pen to express the sentiment rather than write the greeting in ink. These pens are easy to use as you simply open the cap and write as you would with an ink pen. Allow them to dry as you would any other glitter application.

Glitter Stamps

Stamp the glitter on cards using a glitter stamp pad. You can find these at craft and hobby stores. These resemble ink stamps, but instead of pressing the stamp into ink you first press the stamp into a glue tray, then the glitter tray and finally onto your card. Glitter stamp pads allow you to use uniform shapes and designs that are just the thing if you are not exactly artistically inclined in terms of drawing.

Loose Glitter and Glue

The old-fashioned way of putting glitter on cards is to use liquid glue and loose glitter. Both are available in craft stores or paper stores where you can purchase card stock. Application with this kind of glitter is easy to do. You need to lay the card down on a flat surface. It is a good idea to cover the surface with newspaper for easy cleanup. Take the liquid glue and apply it to the paper in the desired shape; the glue bottle has a pointed end for easy application. Sprinkle the loose glitter over the wet glue, fully covering the area to which you have applied the glue. Lift the card and shake it to release any extra glitter that did not stick to the glue. To ensure the glitter stays put, you can lightly spray the card with aerosol hairspray.


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