Ideas for a Haunted Insane Asylum

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Building a haunted house for Halloween can help you make extra money. Of the myriad ideas and themes you can apply to your haunted house, a haunted house insane asylum can have a particularly scary and realistic effect. A haunted insane asylum provides a canvas for an array of effects and scenarios that will scare your visitors.


Medical Experiment Room

No haunted asylum is complete without the medical experiments room. Metal tables splashed with fake blood, stage axes, knives and a chain saw, along with lobotomy tools hanging on the walls, sets the scene. Splash plenty of fake blood on the walls, and put a couple of dummy corpses on the metal tables to complete the effect.


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Haunted Pharmacy

Patients in an insane asylum need medication, so your asylum will need a pharmacy: lots of bloody medicine bottles and a scarred pharmacist in bloody scrubs to serve up the medications. Place medications on shelves on the wall, and scatter some around the room for a completely psychotic pharmaceutical experience. Signs warning that the room is toxic, along with barrels of bubbling liquid, can add to the appeal as well.


Rubber Room/Padded Cell

Use mattresses to pad a room. Cover the mattresses with fake blood, and chain an inmate patient in the middle of the room with wild hair and a bloody gown. Makeup to make the patient's eyes appear to have dark circles under them and a little extra blood around the mouth can intensify the effect. The patient should have enough freedom in the chains to lunge at visitors to your haunted asylum.


Medical Office

A room with actors portraying psychotic nurses and doctors makes a welcome addition to haunted asylum setup. The room should have beds covered with bloody sheets, medical equipment and medical personal wielding dangerous objects. Add to the effect by placing a couple of patients in the scene.



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