John Deere 826 Snow Blower Specs

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John Deere is well-known as the manufacturer of large riding tractors and other farm equipment. This company also makes outdoor machinery such as its model 826 snow-blower. This machine picks up snow and expels it via a chute off to the side. It is useful in clearing areas of snow and making them safe for foot traffic or automobiles.



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The engine on the 826 snowblower is manufactured by Tecumseh. The model number is HMSK80-155568V. It features 5.9 kilowatts of power or 8 hp. It is a one-cylinder engine with a four-stroke cycle. The spark plug gap is 0.030 inches, and the spark-plug torque is 15 pound-feet. The capacity of the crankcase is 800 ml, or 26 fl. oz. The capacity of the fuel tank is 3.8 liters, or 4 qt.

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Working Specs

The 826 snow-blower features eight different engine speeds. Six are forward speeds while the other two move the machine in reverse. Tire size is 12 inches by 4.1 inches. The recommended air pressure for the tires is 24 pounds per square inch. The 826 has a clearing width of 26 inches.


Physical Characteristics

The height of the 826 is 42 inches, or 1,067 mm. The width of this machine is 26 inches, or 660 mm. The overall length is 51 inches, or 1,295 mm. The weight of the 826 is 178 lb. Recommened fuel for the 826 is regular unleaded 87-octane gasoline; this can be purchased at any gas station. Torq-Gard Supreme oil is recommended for use in lubricating the engine.



The 826 has two sets of controls: one on the top-back where the handles used to push it are located, the other on the engine above the wheels. The top set features a traction drive lever, an auger driver lever, a speed selector lever and a discharge chute control to change the position of the snow chute. The other set features an engine oil plug, a throttle lever to change the speed of the engine, an ignition key, a choke knob, a bulb to prime the engine for fuel intake, a starter handle and a knob to shut off the engine's fuel supply.



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