What Is the Difference of the Toro S-200 or S-620?

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Toro is a manufacturer of outdoor environment maintenance and care equipment for professionals and homeowners. Both the S200 and S620 are snow throwers manufactured by Toro over different periods of time.



Toro is a U.S.-based company specializing in small engine appliances, such as lawnmowers and snow throwers. The S200 model snow thrower was manufactured under a number of model numbers between 1979 and 1985, while the S620 was manufactured between 1894 and 1991.

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The Toro S200 and S620 measure 20 inches wide at the entrance to the thrower chamber. The S200 snow thrower models were manufactured with a .35-inch gap for snow to enter the machine, while the S620 models were developed with a .3-inch gap.



The Toro S200 snow thrower was equipped with an AH520 engine and Champion RJ18TC spark plug, requiring a gasoline-oil mix of 32-to-1. The S620 was manufactured with the AH600 engine with a Champion RCJ87 spark plug, also requiring a 32-to-1 gasoline mix.