Sides That Go With Soup

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Sides That Go With Soup
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There's nothing better than a warm bowl of soup on a cool day. It's filling, hearty, and comforting. But sometimes you want a little something extra to turn that bowl of soup into a full meal. No matter what you're feeling like, you have several choices as sides for soup to round out the classic cool-weather meal.


Sandwiches With Soup

Soup and a sandwich is a time-honored combination that you'll find on many restaurant menus. Soup, especially broth-based soups, can sometimes lack substance. That's where the sandwich comes in. It gives you something hearty to bite and chew in contrast to the soup.


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Combining soups and sandwiches is also a quick meal. Sandwiches are easy to assemble right before serving up the soup. Make a large batch of soup to have as leftovers, and make up fresh sandwiches for meals throughout the week.

Some combinations to try include:


  • Tomato soup and grilled cheese is an iconic pairing.
  • Pair a simple sandwich of cold cuts with potato-leek potager.
  • Serve matzo balls in broth alongside a piled-high Reuben.
  • Try chicken soup with a chicken salad sandwich.
  • Serve a BLT with a cup of lentil soup.
  • Match a fried egg sandwich with a light garlic broth.
  • For kids, pair a classic peanut butter sandwich with a kid-pleasing bowl of alphabet soup.


Bread Items

Instead of a full-blown sandwich, you can accompany a bowl of soup with a simple bread. It gives you something substantial without being overly filling. Bread items are also perfect for dipping into your soup.


Here are some bread options for your favorite soups:

  • Pair a bowl of chili or black bean soup with a slice of cornbread.
  • Match clam chowder with a hunk of sourdough.
  • Serve grilled garlic toast alongside a bowl of minestrone.
  • Offer oatmeal bannocks to accompany a beef and barley soup.
  • Try borscht accompanied by a hearty rye roll.
  • Serve your favorite soup in a bread bowl.


Salads to Serve With Soup

Soup and salad is another classic combination found on lunch menus across the country. Salad sides for soup keep the meal healthy and light overall yet gives you something a little more filling than soup alone. Your salad could be a tossed or chopped lettuce-based bowl, or it could use beans, rice or pasta instead.


Check out these salads to serve with soup:


  • Try a cream of mushroom soup with a bright red cabbage slaw on the side.
  • Pair potato salad with corn chowder.
  • Match a creamy soup such as cream of cauliflower with a spunky Caesar salad.
  • Accompany white bean soup with a spinach salad topped with pear, walnuts and blue cheese.
  • Serve avgolemono, a Greek egg and lemon soup, with a side of Greek salad with feta, cucumbers, tomatoes and olives.
  • Pair a salad of fresh shelling beans or lentils with a smooth carrot soup.


Vegetable Sides for Soup

In cold weather, serve a warm vegetable side dish alongside a steaming bowl of soup. It adds an extra serving of healthy veggies while filling you up. A simple saute of green beans or broccoli, or a serving of oven-roasted root vegetables works well here. It's particularly rewarding to play with color contrasts on the plate.

Consider some of these veggie side dish options:

  • Try a side of steamed or sauteed broccoli with a bowl of pumpkin soup.
  • Pair a roasted sweet potato with a pistou soup.
  • Serve broccoli-cheddar soup with a side of baked potato.
  • Offer sauteed greens dressed with lemon beside a bowl of lentil soup.
  • Try egg drop soup with a side of stir-fried bok choy or green beans.



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