Homemade Keepsake Ideas From a Family Reunion

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Homemade keepsakes from your family reunion are a personal way to remember the event. Get children involved in commemorating the reunion with crafts that the whole family can enjoy. Ask everyone attending the reunion for their homemade keepsake ideas that could be made while you're all together. Bring materials you need to the gathering and plan the making of keepsakes as one of your scheduled reunion activities.



Create a homemade cookbook as a keepsake, full of favorite recipes from your family. Write or type out the recipe ingredients and instructions on pieces of printer paper. Slide the recipe pages into plastic page protectors with notebook holes. Add your protected recipe pages to a ring-bound notebook. Label your notebook cover with markers or printed labels. Include photos of the meals from the reunion to your cookbook pages, too.

Family Tree Poster

Use large poster board or sheets of butcher paper to draw your own family tree on a poster. Butcher paper can be ordered from a paper company. Draw a large tree with many branches on the poster paper. Add your family names to the poster, with smaller branches for the names of children. Use markers and paints to give your family tree poster some color. It might be fun to have your family add their own names.


Home Canned Goods

Ask your family members to bring their favorite home canned fruits, vegetables, sauces and jams to the reunion. Make sure to write names and ingredients on each jar. Set up a table where everyone can put their jars of canned goods. At the end of the reunion, split the jars of home canned goodies among your family members so that everyone goes home with a new treat.

Photo Ornaments

Make photo ornaments to commemorate your family reunion. Make copies of your favorite photos from the event. Collect the tops of frozen juice containers or cut pieces of felt in the shapes you desire. Use craft glue to adhere your photos to the juice container tops or the cut pieces of felt. Glue ribbon loops to the tops of the ornaments for hanging. For two-sided ornaments, glue photos on the ornament backs after you have glued the ribbon in place.