Halloween Drama Games

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Halloween drama games are fun ways to develop children's acting and social skills.

Halloween is a time for children to have fun and dress up as anyone or anything they want. While going trick-or-treating is always fun, playing drama games is also exciting. Children of all ages can participate in Halloween games at parties or at school. Halloween drama games not only celebrate Halloween, but they also assist in developing acting and social skills.


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Wiggle Worm Race

The wiggle worm race can be played by any age group. Each person must be put into a team, with each team consisting of the same amount of people. Each team will form a single file line with their team members. Each person will form a "worm" by putting their left arm between their legs and the person behind them grabs that hand with their right hand. The teams will race with their "worm" to a given area. The team that remains intact at the end of the race wins.


Mimed Ending

The mimed ending game is a fun, but morbid game that is suggested for mature children. Each child will be given a piece of paper with a grisly ending written on it. These endings can vary from gunshot wound to food poisoning. Each child will take a turn acting out their assigned death without using words or sounds. After all the actors are finished, each person will guess each other's mimed death.


Monsters, Ghosts and Other Things that Go Boo

Print out clip art and Halloween-themed pictures on the Internet. Have each child take a handful of the pictures to create a scary story. They will name their character and create a personality for him. Once each child is done, they will give a brief summary of their character and act out their story in front of everyone.


Zombie Game

Zombies are one of the main images associated with Halloween.

One person is chosen to be "It," also known as the zombie. Everyone else lays on the floor motionless. The zombie will try her best to make everyone laugh, smile or wiggle without touching them. Once a person moves, he will become a zombie and join "It" in trying to make the others move. The last person who is able to resist moving wins.