Halloween Drama Games

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Halloween drama games are a fun way to celebrate the holiday and get people interacting and building relationships.
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Trick-or-treating and a scary movie are classic ways to celebrate the Halloween season, but they aren't your only options. Whether you are a teacher looking for Halloween party games for the classroom, a parent searching for Halloween party ideas or an adult wanting to mix things up, Halloween drama games are a fun way to celebrate the holiday and get people interacting and building relationships.


These activities can bring in all your favorite Halloween characters, from zombies to ghouls. You can even design a haunted house to match the theme of the games you select.

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Video of the Day

Some of these drama games may be familiar but with a spooky twist for your next Halloween-themed event. Adapt the game to the age and ability level of your group for a fun and happy Halloween event.


Through the dark woods game

This is a fun game for children of all ages and a great option to add to a Halloween lesson plan.

  1. Have the children line up facing each other. Each person holds hands with the person directly across from them and raises their arms.
  2. Then, one at a time, a student will walk through the line under the hands of the children, or through the "dark woods."


The fun comes in when the child walking through the woods takes on a spooky character. You can assign characters and have the children walk through the dark wood as a black cat, as Frankenstein, or as a ghost.

You can also have the children embody their Halloween costumes and walk through as a minion, witch, cowboy, or whatever costume they are wearing.


Zombie Halloween game

This game is similar to a game of tag, but instead of the person who is "it" deciding whom to chase, the group decides for them.

  • The first player in the game is the zombie, and they must move like a zombie as they pursue their target.
  • The other people in the group call out a name, and the zombie must pursue that individual.
  • If the zombie gets close, the person can call out another name for the zombie to pursue.
  • If the zombie tags their target, the target becomes the zombie, and the game continues.


Monster Mash improv game

This is a fun game for middle school or high school students and even adults. Traditionally, one person is the host of a birthday party, and other characters play the role of famous people. For some Halloween fun, select one person to be the host of a Halloween party and several others to be guests at the party.



The guests can be Halloween characters, such as Frankenstein, witches or ghouls. The host must interact with the guests to try to figure out their identity.

Narrator improvisation game

In this improv game, one person is selected to be the narrator, and the other players are the actors.


The narrator gets to tell a spooky story. The actors, who don't know in advance what the story will be, must act out the story being told.

The narrator can come up with a story on their own, or you can offer some guidance by having some pieces of paper with prompts prepared that offer a setting, an event or an opening line to help inspire the narrator of the scene.


Improv spooky story party games

When it comes to drama activities, having a group brainstorm, prepare and act out a scene is an excellent option, especially for teens and adults. You can even make it a competition between the teams and give prizes for the scariest scene. Let the teams know how long they have to prepare and how long their skit should be.

Another option is to have the audience members name a well-known scary movie for the first team to act out in a short period of time. Then, the next team will get another movie to act out.

After all of the teams have finished, the group can vote for which team was able to best represent the movie they were assigned.

You can also approach this like a game of charades. Make printable cards with scary movies or characters printed on them for a member of the team to act out.

The winning team is the one that makes the most correct guesses in the shortest amount of time.



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