Group Costume Theme Ideas

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Choose a costume theme to learn what supplies you'll need.
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Whether you're with family, friends, coworkers or another group, themed costumes present a creative challenge and give Halloween -- or any costumed event -- an extra boost of imagination. And they don't have to be terribly complicated. Once you've chosen a theme, you can make costumes from craft supplies or even household items.



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Make superhero costumes from craft felt. Stick to one major publisher, such as DC or Marvel, so everyone will match.

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Suggested Superheroes * "The Avengers"


Make a Costume Symbol: Wear clothes in your hero's colors. Trace the hero's symbol onto felt; cut it out and pin it to your chest. If your symbol has more than one layer, such as The Flash*'s lightning bolt over a red and white background, trace and cut out each layer. Then glue the layers together with craft glue.


  • Mask: Cut a large oval from felt, and cut two eye holes. Secure elastic cord to either side to keep it on your head.

Movie or TV Characters

Pick your favorite movie or TV show and dress up like the characters.


Suggested TV/Movie Characters * Walkers from "The Walking Dead"

  • Minions from "Despicable Me"

Make a Costume * Walkers: Use old clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Brew several tea bags in water and soak clothes with tea to look old and stained. With eye makeup, create dark circles around your eyes and use lipstick for blood around your mouth.


  • Minions: Wear jeans or overalls, a yellow shirt, and a yellow stocking cap. Paint a pair of safety goggles gray for the eyes.

Fairy Tale Costumes

Choose your favorite fairy tale characters.


Suggested Fairy Tales * Three Blind Mice

  • The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf


Make a Costume * Mice: Cut gray triangles from felt and glue to a headband for mouse ears. Wear gray clothes and a pair of sunglasses.


  • Pigs: Wear pink clothes and paint your nose pink with face paint. Cut pink pig ears from felt and glue to a headband. Twine pink pipe cleaners together in a curlicue and attach it to the back of your belt for a tail.

  • Wolf: Wear gray clothes and paint your nose black. Cut gray wolf ears from craft felt and glue to a headband. Attach a long gray feather duster to the back of your belt for a bushy wolf tail.


Miscellaneous Group Costume Ideas

Costumes don't have to be limited to characters or people.

Suggested Costumes * Crayons: Each person dresses as a different color.

  • Popcorn: One person is the box, and the others are the kernels.

Make a Costume * Crayons: Wear clothes and a stocking cap in one color. From black poster-board, cut out the letters in CRAYON and pin them vertically to the front of your shirt starting with "C" near your collar.

  • Popcorn box: Cut the shape of the box from cardboard. Paint red and white stripes on it. Hang the cardboard around your neck with rope.

  • Popcorn kernels: Pop a bag of microwave popcorn and glue kernels to a white stocking cap. Blow up white and yellow balloons and pin them to your clothes.



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