Things to Get a 7-Year-Old for His Birthday

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Choose the perfect gift for a boy who is turning 7 years old.

Birthdays are a big deal for children, especially children you are old enough to fully understand what a birthday means. Most boys who are turning 7 know when their birthday is approaching, and they also know that birthdays often mean gifts and parties. Choose an age-appropriate gift for the 7-year-old boy you are shopping for that will help him learn something new or will allow him to have fun.


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Hand-Held Video Game

Consider choosing a hand-held video game console when you are shopping for a boy who is turning 7 years old. Choose a brand that is made for small children so that it will be able to withstand a bit of abuse. Purchase a game or two to go along with the video game system, such as a puzzle game or a game modeled after his favorite television show or movie. He will be able to take the game with him in the car and on long trips to stave off boredom.

Outdoor Toy

It is no secret that many little boys enjoy playing outside, so consider choosing a toy that he can play with in his yard. A bicycle is a smart gift for a young boy who is able to ride around his yard or neighborhood. Alternatively, choose a tire swing, a play house or even a tree house for his yard. If the warm weather months are approaching, consider choosing a pool toy or another type of water toy, such as a kiddie pool or a large water gun.



Seven-year-old children are able to read, so consider selecting a variety of books for him to read. Choose classic children's books, such as anything written by Dr. Seuss. You could also choose books that are taken from his favorite television show or movie so that he is sure to become interested in reading. Another idea is to select a few coloring books and a set of crayons or coloring pencils, and appeal to his creative side.

Building Gifts

Many little boys enjoy building things, so give him a gift that allows him to create something. For example, choose a set of plastic interlocking blocks so that he can build all sorts of things, from buildings to robots. Another idea is a model train or airplane that his mother or father can help him put together and he can display in his room.