What Is a Traditional Gift for a 32nd Anniversary?

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A car, or other means of transportation, is an appropriate 32nd anniversary gift.
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Many people like to celebrate a wedding anniversary with a traditional gift, like a paper gift on the first anniversary. While the 32nd anniversary doesn't have as many traditions and themes as the 30th, it is still a day for celebration and a special gift. Celebrate your marriage with a 32nd-year anniversary gift that falls into the theme of transportation, or break out of the mold and choose something special to both of you.


Anniversary Stones and Metals

In some countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, there isn't a traditional gift for your 32nd wedding anniversary, but you can borrow a theme recognized in other places to get some ideas. Copper is the theme in countries like Spain, France, Italy and Russia. Bronze is an alloy of copper and has a very similar appearance, so consider items made from bronze as well.


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Consider a piece of jewelry or a money clip made of copper or bronze. Clothing and accessories that are copper in color are also an excellent choice. Other options include home decor items such as a serving tray or set, a bronze lamp or a copper plaque commemorating this special anniversary. A bronze sundial or wind chimes are other great gifts that will remind you of your love and commitment.


The traditional gift in Germany and the modern stone for the 32nd wedding anniversary is the lapis lazuli. The is a beautiful, dark blue stone with gold flecks throughout. It is said to represent friendship and universal truth. A piece of jewelry with this stone makes another welcome anniversary gift.


Transportation Anniversary Gifts

The modern 32-year anniversary gift is transportation and conveyances. If a new car is in your budget, this is an excellent opportunity to gift your spouse with the car of his dreams. If that isn't in your budget, or your spouse loves the car he has, consider gifting upgrades and accessories. You could also consider having the vehicle detailed and cleaned throughout the year.


If none of these seem quite right, stick with the transportation theme and take your spouse out on the town. You can rent a limo and take him to his favorite restaurant for an intimate meal.

Another option in keeping with this theme is to gift your spouse with a vacation for you both to enjoy. This can be anything from a weekend away in your favorite town or an international dream trip that you have been wanting to take together.


32nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Since the traditional gifts for a 32nd wedding anniversary aren't as well known or well-practiced as some other milestones, your spouse won't be disappointed if you stray from tradition. A beautiful bouquet of flowers will brighten her day. Stick with the copper theme and get a bouquet of orange roses and chrysanthemums or get her favorite flower in any color.


If there is something your spouse has been wanting, this is a great opportunity to surprise her with it. You could also surprise your spouse with a day of pampering, including breakfast in bed and a massage. Making a donation to a cause that you and your spouse support is another way to celebrate and share your love.



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