What Is a Traditional Gift for a 32nd Anniversary?

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A car, or other means of transportation, is an appropriate 32nd anniversary gift.

Gift-giving etiquette for wedding anniversaries involves giving a gift made of a different material to represent each anniversary year. For instance, if a couple is celebrating 32 years of marriage, one of the traditional gifts to present for this occasion is a lapis -- a semi-precious stone that boasts a deep blue shade. Other traditional gifts for a 32nd anniversary include modes of transportation.


New Car

To honor your 32nd wedding anniversary with a gift conveyance, surprise your wife with a new car. Choose an automobile in her favorite color, and include features that she'd find useful or appealing, such as an interior with the light-colored leather she likes best or a five-disc CD player. Smaller and less-expensive 32nd anniversary treats can include car air fresheners in her favorite scent, floor mats embroidered with her initials or a GPS system

Vacation Gift

Use the "conveyance" theme to transport your husband to a special 32nd anniversary vacation. For instance, present him with plane tickets to a tropical location in Florida or Hawaii on the day of your anniversary. Include a number of transportation-related themes throughout the vacation -- take him water skiing or arrange for a ride in a hot air balloon. Or purchase matching surfboards on which you can ride the waves together. Include a greeting card, telling him you're excited about all the places you have yet to go in your relationship.


Gifts that Move

Present your wife with a conveyance gift the two of you can enjoy together. A tandem bicycle makes a great gift if she loves the outdoors, and you can use the bicycle as a means of exercise or ride it to the park for an anniversary picnic. A set of electric scooters or roller blades are fun anniversary gifts that go, and will encourage you both to either learn to skate or sharpen your skills as you enjoy outdoor exercise together. Another idea is to convert a room in your home into a home gym, complete with treadmills and exercise bikes so the two of you can improve your health together.


Lapis Gifts

The lapis is the traditional gemstone of the 32nd anniversary, so you can present your husband with a watch that has a lapis face or a tie pin that features this striking blue stone. Lapis represents harmony in relationships and is also a sign of truth and friendship, so a lapis is a wonderful way to tell your husband that you value the bond you've established in your marriage. Some hues of lapis stones are light blue or a shade of green, which means they contain more pyrite and are accented with gold flecks that lighten the stone's color.


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