Valentine Ideas for Senior Citizens

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Valentine's Day is for everyone to celebrate, regardless of age.

Valentine's Day isn't just for young lovers and kids. Valentine's Day is a fun celebration about love of all kinds -- including the senior set. When you want to do something for the older folks in your life, there are several considerate gestures, celebrations and appropriate gifts you can make or buy.



It's always nice to get together with family and friends, and Valentine's Day is certainly no exception. Plan a large family gathering and make the grandparents the guests of honor. Have everyone make special valentines for them and serve a special meal consisting of their favorite dishes and a decadent dessert. If a big party doesn't suit the situation, pick them up and take them out for a quiet dinner at their favorite restaurant. Pick up the tab and give them a thoughtful Valentine's Day present in a gaily decorated gift bag.



When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts for seniors, you don't have to limit yourself to things like romantic gifts of candy and flowers. Buy the senior man in your life a pair of comfy, quality house slippers to wear around the house on cold evenings. Knit a special red and white afghan for her to get cozy under while she watches her favorite shows. If you want to stick with flowers for Valentine's Day, consider a planter that will last for years, containing plants she can distribute into several containers. Decorate the planter with red bows and a handful of cut flowers as accents for a Valentine's Day look.



Sometimes doing something shows more love, the very object of Valentine's Day, than buying a present. Drop by and spend time chatting with a senior citizen who lives nearby. Having someone to talk to may mean more to him than any gift you could buy. Offer to do her grocery shopping or drive her to the store when she needs supplies. Clean his house and make him a hearty pot of stew and a fresh loaf of homemade bread and then serve it to him on a tray with a red rose.


Sometimes entertainment is the best gift of all. While items wear out and break, memories last forever. Take him to a baseball game when his favorite team plays, invite him to your child's championship spelling bee or head out to the local military museum. Take her to a craft fair and spend the day looking at the trinkets, enjoy an evening of dinner theater or spend an afternoon making your own crafts together at her kitchen table.