Fun Picnic Games for All Ages

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Picnic games combine fun and exercise.

Picnics are an easy, casual way to spend time outdoors during fine weather. Families can have their own picnics, or several families can get together for a larger picnic event. Picnics are often more enjoyable with large groups because there are more people to participate in games and activities. Choose picnic games that are suited to the ages of the people attending the picnic to avoid injuries.


Tag Variations

Tag is a fun game that children and adults of all ages can play. If the group is very large, then have two people play "it." Give everyone in the game a clothespin or a small flag. The people who are it try to gather the clothespins and flags from the other players. You can also have a free-for-all game where anyone can collect pins or flags. The person with the most pins at the end of the game wins.


Make a bowling lane from chalk on a smooth concrete area. Set up 10 bowling pins made from large plastic soda bottles. Add a little water or sand to the bottles to hold them in place until the ball knocks them over. Use a soccer ball to knock down the pins. Each person gets two tries to knock down all 10 pens, just like in real bowling. Have someone keep score. Play five or 10 rounds, just like in real bowling. Players score one point for each pin knocked down. Add 10 points to the score if the person knocks them down the first time, and five if they knock them all down on the second try.


Red Rover

Red Rover is a classic picnic game that is idea for large groups and large grassy areas. Divide the players into two teams. Make sure people of the same height are placed across from each other for safety reasons. One player from each team takes turns calling someone from the opposite team to come over and try to break through the line. If they do break through, they bring one person from the broken line to their side of the game. Play continues until there are two people left on one team or until players get bored.



Playing with a Frisbee is another classic picnic game for players of all ages. Players can toss the Frisbee back and forth with no particular goal, or you can set rules similar to the rules of volleyball. If a team fails to catch the Frisbee, then the other team gets a point. Set up defined boundaries to avoid unnecessary conflict. You can also have contests to see who can throw the Frisbee the farthest.