Ideas for a Guy's Hippie Costume

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Your hippie costume will be far out.

Want to dress like a hippie? Far out, man! Many costume kits are available online and at costume stores if you want a quick and easy remedy to your costume problem, but remember that possibly the most important part of your hippie costume is how you customize it to yourself, your world view and your own special brand of peace and love. Costume pieces are easy to acquire and even easier to assemble.



Tie-dye, bell bottoms, hemp jewelry, peace signs ... these are all traditional components of any groovy and authentic hippie costume. You can get any loose-fitting T-shirt and tie dye it or draw a peace symbol on it. A shirt style called dashiki was very popular in the 1960s. A dashiki is a big, loose-fitting, west African-style men's shirt. Garments like this can be found easily at a local thrift store.


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Bell-bottom jeans were the traditional hippie style for both men and women. If you can't find bell bottoms in your size, try cutting a 6- to 8-inch slit from the bottom of your jeans and sew in some colorful fabric to widen the bottom of the jeans. Vests were very popular among male hippies. Remember to keep your vest simple, though. You could even take a plain shirt and cut the sleeves off of it to use as your vest.


Hair and Face

Don't do anything to your hair if you want to be a hippie. Stay au natural. Of course, if you still don't think your hair is proper to pass as a guy hippie, you can do a few things. Make sure you "finger comb," instead of actually comb your hair. This gives your hair a more natural and free-flying look. If your hair is too short for this finger-combed natural look, just leave it alone. Don't try to style it, because a real guy hippie would not.


Scarfs, worn as headbands, were a popular addition to the hippie hairdo. You might even think of putting a flower or two in your hair. Peace! Many guy hippies in the '60s sported goatees, full beards, mustaches, long sideburns -- facial hair was the rule.


Sandals can provide a groovy escape.

Hippie shoes can be narrowed down to three main categories: sandals, clogs or none. Above all, keep your selection simple. As long as either or these options gets you where you need to go, or would suffice for standing in the mud at Woodstock for hours on end, your choice will be suitable to pass as a hippie. Simple, or absent, shoes provide the freedom a hippie seeks and will provide you with the perfect costume.



Don't forget possibly the most important part of your hippie costume: the accessories. Sunglasses were always a popular addition to the hippie wardrobe. Jewelry and beads, though not bling, can be used to create accents to your costume. Hippies often wore flowers to symbolize peace, either in their hair or on their jewelry. If you can find one, a wide-brimmed felt hat will add to the Bohemian nature of your hippie look.


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