Rock Star Costume Ideas for Boys

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There are several ways for boys to dress as rock stars.

The appearance of rock stars has changed over the decades, just like regular fashion has. A boy who wants to dress as a rock star for Halloween or some other costume party has several choices when it comes to rock star fashion. He can dress as an old-fashioned rock star or a more modern one for different looks.


60s Rock Star

The Beatles in the 1960s created the look that many rock stars used during that decade. The style of dress for rock stars in the 1960s was much more conservative than how rock stars dress today. If your child wants to dress like a 1960s rock star, the costume is easy to create. Have the boy wear a dark suit and dress shoes with a white shirt. The boy should wear a dark-colored tie. Use a bowl wig, or simply comb boy's hair back in a slick, 1960s style. Give the boy a real or prop guitar to complete the look.


Modern Rock Star

The modern rock star can have a variety of looks. Typically, punk rock and other shocking styles are popular with male musicians. Stores that sell punk music often have clothing with the modern band vibe. Allow the boy to wear black, skinny jeans. For a shirt, he can wear a band T-shirt or another embellished T-shirt. Add a plaid or checkered vest over the shirt. Spike his hair with gel. Line the boy's eyes with black eyeliner. Paint his nails black and give him neon bracelets to wear around his wrists.


Hair Band Star

The hair band look is a fun, retro rock star look for boys. For this look, the boy should wear destroyed jeans or faux leather pants. The boy should also wear heavy, black boots. For a shirt, the boy can wear an old T-shirt. Give the boy a long hair wig to wear and wrap a bandanna around the top of his head to complete the look. Tousle the hair so that it is pouffed and wild. Use hairspray, if necessary, to make the hair stick out.

Grunge Star

The 1990s were all about the grunge style of music. Dressing a boy in grunge style is very easy. The boy should comb his hair down into his face into a wild and carefree style. You can also purchase a grunge wig for the boy to wear. The boy should wear loose, light-colored, destroyed jeans with heavy, black boots. Give the boy a solid black T-shirt to wear. Have the boy put an untucked flannel shirt on over the black shirt.