Traditional 5-Year Anniversary Gifts

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Traditional anniversary gift lists provide gift recommendations for each anniversary. Whether the gift is for your spouse on your fifth anniversary or for a couple you know on their fifth anniversary, choose something that fits within one of the traditional themes. The recipient can look back on the gift and remember the occasion on which it was presented.


Classic Wood

For the most traditional fifth-anniversary gift, choose something simple that is made out of wood. Personalize it by having it engraved with the anniversary date and the names of the husband and wife. Purchase or make a wooden jewelry box or a wooden dish or tray to empty pockets into when returning home from work. For a simple gift, choose a wooden frame for a favorite photo of the couple spending time together. Give a carved wooden sculpture to someone with artistic inclinations.


Creative Wood

Stretch the traditional interpretation of wood as an anniversary gift and give something that demonstrates outside-of-the-box thinking. Give your spouse a tree and plant it together in your yard. Make a donation in honor of the couple to an organization that protects forests. For someone who is musically inclined, give a musical instrument made out of wood, such as an acoustic guitar, violin or cello. Or give a book, which is made from wood pulp.


Anniversary gift lists suggest silverware as an alternate modern gift idea for the fifth anniversary. Couples who received casual flatware as a wedding gift might want to invest in a set of silverware, or at least begin to start a collection. Additional silver serving pieces are another gift idea. Silver candlesticks, tea sets and engraved decorative platters also make appropriate fifth-anniversary gifts.


Other Traditions

Daisies are associated with the fifth anniversary, so these make a simple and inexpensive bouquet for an anniversary gift. Purchase daisy seeds to plant in the yard and bring life to them in the spring. Sapphire and pink tourmaline are the gemstones associated with the anniversary, so a husband could get his wife jewelry that includes one or both stones. Some couples create their own anniversary traditions that focus on the number of years rather than the suggested gifts. On a fifth anniversary, give a set of five related books or plan a special date that uses all five of the senses.