Things to Use As Punch Bowls

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Change the way you serve punch with an alternative to the traditional bowl.

Just because you do not have a punch bowl does not mean you must forgo punch at your next party. Look around your home for alternatives to a traditional punch bowl. Using an unexpected object for a punch bowl will also be a decorative addition to the service table.


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Use the thick shell from a pumpkin or watermelon for a biodegradable punch bowl. This is best if you are serving a punch made from the fruit's flesh. For instance, serve watermelon juice inside a punch bowl made from the watermelon shell or a pumpkin juice in a pumpkin shell. Cut a small sliver from the bottom of the fruit to create a stable base for the punch bowl. Cut the top one-third of the way down the fruit and remove the flesh until only the shell remains. Fill the shell with the punch and serve. Discard the punch bowl and any remaining punch in the garbage or your compost bin after the party.


Bundt Pan

Turn a Bundt pan or fluted tube pan that you would normally for baking a cake into a punch bowl. Freeze the pan before adding the punch to keep the punch cold longer, since the metal of the pan will transfer the cold to the punch. Place the serving ladle inside the hole in the middle of the pan. This will keep the ladle near the punch without leaving it in the Bundt pan or placing it on the tabletop where it could pick up germs.


Soup Tureen

Large, deep soup pots with a soup-serving ladle can stand in for any type of party punch bowl. Tureens with handles have the benefit of being easier to carry than punch bowls without handles. Soup tureens will maintain the temperature of the punch longer than bowls since the tureens are constructed of thicker, heavier materials than plastic or glass punch bowls.



For serving punch in a pinch, opt for a several decorative pitchers. Each one will not hold the same amount of punch as a single punch bowl, but it will be easier to serve from the pitchers. You will not need a ladle if you serve your punch in pitchers, and the leftovers fit into the refrigerator. Prepare the punch in the pitcher and chill it overnight in the refrigerator. The flavors will meld and the punch will be the proper temperature for serving.


Bucket or Pail

Use a plastic pail used by children for making sand castles for serving punch at a beach-themed party. Use a brand-new bucket and scrub it out thoroughly before filling it with punch. Use the plastic shovel as an ice scoop for a bowl of ice next to the plastic pail punch bowl.


Halloween Cauldron

Halloween parties often feature frightening punch concoctions. To serve these scary sips, use a plastic cauldron sold in costume stores and on the Internet around Halloween. Check the cauldron for cracks or holes and wash thoroughly. Fill the cauldron with punch and set it on the table. Instead of ice cubes inside the punch bowl, fill a rubber glove with punch, tightly tie the wrist closed and freeze the glove. Remove the glove once it is solid and drop the hand-shaped ice into the punch-filled cauldron. A plastic jack o'lantern-shaped trick-or-treat bucket could replace the cauldron if you cannot find one.