Instructions for a Rival KC Electric Smoker

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Things You'll Need

  • Wood chips

  • Roasting pan

  • Drip tray

Smoking your food adds more flavor and keeps it tender.

Smokers slowly cook thin cuts of meat over an extended period of time, which imparts a rich, smoky flavor while preserving the meat. Because a large majority of the moisture in the meat has evaporated, smoked meats might last up to one month from when they are finished. KC Electric Smokers also can be used to roast meats, and adding a bowl of water to the smoker ensures that it will come out juicy and tender.


Step 1

Set up your KC Electric Smoker outside near a properly grounded outlet. Never use your Rival smoker indoors. Plug the smoker's electrical cable into the nearest power outlet.

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Step 2

Prepare the wood chips by soaking them in water for at least two hours before you plan to use the smoker. If possible, let the wood chips soak overnight.


Step 3

Remove the lid of the smoker and all of the racks. Drain the wood chips of excess water, and lay a layer of them on the roasting pan. Put the drip tray into the roasting pan over the wood chips. Pour water into the channel that surrounds the drip tray according to the chart in the owner's manual. (The amount of water depends on what you are cooking.).


Step 4

Turn the smoker on, and adjust the temperature to the time indicated in the recipe. When the food is done, turn the smoker off, and unplug it from the power outlet. Clear out any wood chips left in the KC Electric Smoker after every use.


Never operate your KC Smoker when it is raining out or on wet ground.


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