Fear Factor Birthday Games for Kids

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Use live crickets in a "Fear Factor" party game.

A "Fear Factor" birthday party is perfect for older kids who might enjoy bug eating and getting dirty. The television show featured contestants who competed in crazy events to win a large cash prize. When planning a "Fear Factor" birthday party, use your imagination and creativity to create crazy games that will have your party guests squealing with excitement and nervousness.


Frozen Toes

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Fill a small plastic swimming pool with ice, water and several plastic insects. Purchase plastic insects, such as roaches, bugs, flies and spiders, online or at your local retail store. Each player must take his shoes and socks off to stand in the pool. He has two minutes to pick up as many plastic insects with his toes as he can and place them on a paper plate outside the pool. The player who collects the most plastic insects using only his toes wins the game.

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Worm Eating Contest

Roll gummy worms in honey and then in crushed chocolate cookies. Place four "night crawlers" on each player's plate. Tell the players to place their hands behind their backs. Cover the worms with whipped cream. When you say, "Go," the first player to use only his mouth to eat the "night crawlers" and show an empty mouth wins the game.


Endurance Game

Have all players practice standing on one leg for about five minutes. After five minutes, tell the players to spread out. When you say, "Go," the player who can stand on one leg the longest wins the game. If any part of a player's body touches the ground, he is out of the game.


Pig Snot

Place a piece of bubble gum in several bowls. Mix whipped cream with green food color to make the "pig snot." Pour the "pig snot" over the pieces of bubble gum. Give each player a bowl and have him stand with his hands behind his back. Yell, "Find that gum," and have the players use their mouths to try to find the gum in their bowls. The first player to find the piece of gum, chew it and blow a bubble wins the game.


Crickets and Keys

Purchase a padlock and key set from your local hardware store. Find several other keys which will not work with the padlock to use in the game. Fill a large bucket with several crickets and all the keys. Have each player run to the bucket and try to find the key that unlocks the padlock. Time each player and the player with the fastest time wins the race.



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