How to Create a 40th Birthday Questionnaire

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Birthday questionnaires are a fun way to celebrate a 40th birthday.
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Turning 40 is a milestone in anyone's life. It's a unique moment in one's personal history; an age where you can look back and see all that has been accomplished, and also look forward and contemplate what joys life has left to offer. A 40th birthday is best spent surrounded by family and friends who have known you for years and cherish the beauty and splendor of your journey. One popular activity at 40th birthday parties is the completion of a birthday questionnaire. Party guests answer a list of questions about the guest of honor, as a way to honor the memories everyone has shared.


Step 1

Ask questions with answers that will cause good-natured laughter. The best types of questions on a 40th birthday questionnaire keep the mood of the party light and jovial. Ask questions about embarrassing memories, and outrageously fun times. Ask about the guest of honor's first or worst time having too much to drink, nude escapades, funniest moments, or questionable fashion and hairstyle choices. Make sure to keep the questions lighthearted and funny rather than offensive or too revealing; nothing ruins a 40th birthday celebration faster than spilling secrets that weren't supposed to be spilled, or humiliating the guest of honor with too much teasing.

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Step 2

Ask questions that make the guest of honor feel they've accomplished a great deal in their first 40 years. Turning 40 can be a depressing birthday; it's the time where people reflect on how the dreams of childhood have translated into the reality of adulthood. Incorporate questions that highlight the guest of honor's achievements, such as, "What was John's college GPA?" or "Where was Jean's first article published?" or "How old was Maria when she received her first promotion?" or "How much was the rent in Jill's first apartment?" or "How many times has Barbara flown to Paris?" The answers will remind the guest of honor to feel proud about all the personal goals they've met thus far.


Step 3

Ask questions that reflect the guest of honor's family values. If the guest of honor is married and/or has children, ask questions about their cherished ones to remind them how lucky they are to be a part of a loving family. Ask questions like "What song was playing the first time Danny kissed Debbie?" or "What kind of cake did they serve at their wedding?" or "What was Mark cooking for Brenda the first time the fire department was called to their home?" or "What company was Jessie working for when she met the CEO without realizing she had applesauce in her hair?" Ask questions to remind the guest of honor of the richness and hilarity of everyday family life.


Step 4

Ask questions that show the guest of honor's imaginative and daring side. For example: If she didn't need money, Joan would have spent her life as a ...?" or "Jessie's children don't know she has a tattoo of a...?" or "When Judy tells her kids she's going to knitting class, she's really going to...?"

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