White Elephant Gift Ideas for Kids

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A white elephant gift is a non-utilitarian, unconventional and some would say pointless gift that is mostly meant to garner humor from those participating in a white elephant gift exchange. The basics of a white elephant gift exchange involve at least five or six people who each provide a wrapped gift. Participants take turn unwrapping, stealing and swapping gifts. Kids can have their own version of a white elephant gift exchange with kid-friendly gifts -- gifts can serve no real purpose or can be more useful.


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Fake Bugs and Snakes

Fake creepy crawlies are a perfect white elephant gift for kids. The more realistic the bug the better -- think furry spiders, slinky and slimy snakes and squishy beetles and caterpillars. Kids will have fun opening this gift because it will create such a surprise when the box is opened. Younger kids might find a gift like this scary so be sure to use this gift for older kids who will appreciate it more.


Play Wigs, Masks and Hats

Any kid would love to receive a fun wig, mask or hat as a white elephant gift. Not only will they have fun using the gift to dress up and pretend they are another character, but the gift will also get a lot of laughs. Fun wigs include a clown or princess; fun masks include animals such as pigs and cartoon characters; hat ideas include a cowboy, pirate or witch hat. Ultimately the choices are only limited to your imagination.


Trick Candy

Trick candy is a fun white elephant gift. Kids will be excited when they receive a delicious-looking treat, but will be surprised when the candy is not what it seems. Types of trick candy include gumballs that turn your mouth colors or a pack of gum full of bugs. Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans are jelly beans that come in flavors such as tomato, booger, baked beans, pepper and vomit -- the jelly beans look normal, but pack an unpleasant flavor.


Hand-Me-Down Books and Toys

Giving hand-me-down books and toys for a white elephant gift is a great way to get rid of your kids' gently used things that could get better use with another child. Cars, trucks and action figures are good ideas for boys; dolls, dress-up clothes and crafts will be enjoyed by girls. Neutral toys include books, puppets, balls and board games. Be sure to pick toys that are within the age range of kids that will be participating in the gift exchange.