Fun Activities and Games for Teen Boys

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Teenage boys can race, shoot and conquer in real life sometimes too.

While the idea of arranging separate entertainment for boys and girls is no longer popular, it can be good for both sexes to occasionally spend some time pursuing activities and interests that are, in general, more gender-specific. Experts James Dobson and John Eldridge highlight the male need for thrills, danger, exploration, competition, physicality, destruction and risk-taking. So it's a good idea for teenage boys to be allowed to do "guy stuff" occasionally, while you try to keep the destruction to a minimum, of course.


Movie Night

This really is one category of entertainment where teen boys and teen girls are usually worlds apart. Cut down on the fighting over the remote control by arranging a boys-only movie night. Let your teenage boy have a few friends over. Most homes have more than one T.V. now, so bribe the girls into giving up the main one for the night. Provide snacks while the guys watch the latest action, horror, superhero or sick-humored DVD, with a suitable age rating. Alternatively, take them to the movies for the evening, although this can be an expensive option for several people.


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Air Rifling

If you, or someone you know, owns an area of private land, air rifles or B.B. guns are huge fun for teenage boys. B.B. guns are advisable for younger teenage boys, who can move onto air rifles later when they understand safety rules. Shooting at targets can become a little boring, so make a more "survivalist" type of game by tying soda cans as targets on trees, bushes and posts within a designated area. Cordon off the area and time the boys as they each take a turn around the perimeter, trying to spot and shoot the targets inside. Limit the amount of pellets that they can take to make it more competitive. Paintball outings and laser-tag sessions are an alternative for town dwellers.



A go-karting expedition provides the thrills, danger, competition and risk-taking that Dobson and Eldridge claim males need occasionally. The "need for speed," which again is a male-associated trait is certainly satisfied on a go-karting expedition. The lads can race each other around the track in a safe, controlled environment, while having all of the adrenaline rushes they might get in a truly risky situation.


Ice Wars

Ice wars is a free, silly, summer game that will cool teenage boys down and give them plenty of laughs in the process. Freeze water in 1/2-gallon milk cartons. Strip the cardboard carton away from the blocks of ice. Split the boys into teams; at least two or three per team is best. Give each team an ice block, but don't allow them tool-like objects to chip at the blocks, fabrics to wrap around them or vessels of hot water to pour on them. They can breathe on them, hug them, roll them on the ground, rub them and so on. Start the "Ice War" game and time them for six minutes. The team that has melted its block the most wins.



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